Forget Castle Cats, It’s All About Dungeon Dogs

From the developers of Castle Cats — the idle clicker that saw you piecing together a guild of furry feline friends — comes Dungeon Dogs, another bizarre idle clicker made for the other half of the population.

Created by PocApp Studios, Castle Cats pulled in a staggering 5 million downloads, and it’s confident it can do the same with a dog-centric spin-off. Dungeon Dogs gives players more than 45 different companions to collect as they forge a powerful team to complete the 85 missions included at launch. Your best friends will venture out into the land of Lupinia as they attempt to overthrow the evil king — who just so happens to be a cat. New content will also be added at regular intervals to keep players coming back for more.

All 45 dogs have a unique set of abilities that can be unlocked as you progress through the game, and they can be outfitted with cutesy costumes you’ll acquire throughout the journey. Dungeon Dogs does not yet have a release date but is set to be a free-to-play title available on both iOS and Android devices. As is standard, Dungeon Dogs will be monetized by in-game microtransactions.

Although the mobile marketplace really doesn’t need any more idle clicker games, we can’t help but think these poochies look pretty dang adorable. If you found yourself enjoying Castle Cats, you’ll probably find much to like in PocApp Studios next casual outing.

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