Outriders: An In-Depth Guide On The Devastator Class

Each of the four classes in Outriders is unique, completely customizable, and offers different ways to play People Can Fly’s popular looter shooter. Out of the four, the Devastator is the classic tank class. Eat bullets, sponge aggro, smash enemies to pieces. In this in-depth guide to the Devastator, we’ll cover everything you need to know […]

It Takes Two: Mood Swing Guide

Last month, Hazelight Studios released It Takes Two, a cooperative action platformer. In this game, troubled parents May and Cody are on the brink of divorce, and the turmoil is impacting their daughter, Rose. In a last-ditch effort to reunite her family, Rose wishes that her parents could be friends again. This wish transforms them […]

Monster Hunter Rise guide: How to create and set decorations

In Monster Hunter Rise, each piece of armor comes with different armor skills. These built-in abilities allow your character to perform actions better, gain resistance against elemental attacks, as well as other benefits. Most armor skills have different levels of effectiveness. By wearing multiple pieces of armor that have the same skill, you can increase […]

Valheim: A Guide To Every Cape

If you want to explore Valheim’s dangerous biomes, you better be prepared to face all the challenges and enemies you’ll definitely encounter during your adventures. You can craft a few things to protect your Viking-self, like high-tier weapons or complete armor sets. One piece of armor that you shouldn’t miss out on is capes; they […]

Outriders Complete Guide And Walkthrough

After years of waiting, looter shooter fans can finally explore the hostile planet of Enoch in Outriders, a third-person shooter that blends visceral gunplay with devastating abilities. Utilizing your powers will be necessary to not only survive but to obtain the game’s best loot. It wouldn’t be a looter shooter without loot, right? And Outriders sure […]

Morrowind: A Beginner’s Guide To The Skills and Attributes System

Though Morrowind shares some common elements with Oblivion and Skyrim, several mechanics set it apart from the later Elder Scrolls installations. One of the most prominent differences would be the skills and attribute systems. Unlike some games, Morrowind isn’t about a quick grind to player level 100. In fact, you’ll want to pay closer attention to the skills […]

Elite Dangerous: Guide To Fleet Carriers

Fleet Carriers are absolutely massive ships. Ships big enough to fit your entire fleet inside, and then some. They act as a portable base of operations, hosting a ship repair yard, a marketplace, and various other useful benefits for your journey into the universe of Elite Dangerous. In accordance with their size, Fleet Carriers are […]

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Guide To Drink Link Answers

In Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Drink Links are an important feature for raising your Bond level with your companions, as each time one of the characters has a full Bond gauge, performing a Drink Link will increase their level cap. You can trigger Drink Links in Survive Bar by speaking to any companion with the Bond logo above their […]

Genshin Impact: A Guide to Barbara’s Hangout Event

The new hangout events in Genshin Impact 1.4 focus on allowing players to get to know some of their favorite four-stars better. Each event is unlocked using two story keys that players can get from doing daily commissions. Babara’s story event focuses on her hectic life as an idol and will begin after talking to […]