Red Dead Redemption 2 On PC Has Almost Double The Players As Console

The latest game from Rockstar Games–open-world western Red Dead Redemption 2–isn’t as successful as mammoth GTA 5, but showing some strong sales figures overall since its console release in 2018. Yet the most impressive Red Dead Redemption 2 numbers may still be lying ahead, as the game reached some tremendous success on PC over the […]

9 Reasons Why We Should All Have A Last Will and Testament

Having a legal document that decides what happens to your estate after your demise is essential. A will and testament ensure your loved ones get what they deserve without any disputes. Most people avoid making a will but it can cost you a lot since life offers no certainty. Leaving the most important decisions of […]

We’re Pretty Certain Master Hand Is The Announcer In Super Smash Bros

Have you ever wondered who exactly is the announcer behind the character select screen of Super Smash Bros? Well, after pondering over the evidence, we’re pretty certain it’s Master Hand. Evidence #1: The Voice Actors Since the beginning of the Super Smash Bros. series, there has been an announcer. In a dominant, almost godly voice, […]

Dragon Age: Inquisition: 10 Hardest Trophies & Achievements (And How To Get Them)

Whether you’re an achievement hunter or a trophy collector, getting all of the accolades in your favorite games isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Dragon Age: Inquisition has its fair share of hard-to-get achievements/trophies, some of which are completely missable if you’re not sure what to do or what choice to make when the time […]

FIFA 21’s Next-Gen Upgrades Have Arrived A Day Early

FIFA 21’s next-gen upgrades are now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X, 24 hours ahead of schedule. Most developers have implemented a handy offer to help ease the transition from one generation of consoles to another. Titles released on both sets of consoles come with a free upgrade for anyone who plans on playing […]

Does Atlanta FaZe currently have the best roster in the CDL?

The Atlanta FaZe are one of a few teams to officially solidify their roster for the 2021 Call of Duty League. After dropping both Preston “Priestahh” Greiner and Mike “MajorManiak” Szymaniak last week, the organization then signed Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson. One-half of the Sanderson twins, Arcitys is widely considered to be one of the best […]

Five Big Takeaways From Our Hands-On With Immortals Fenyx Rising

The latest Ubisoft Forward event put the spotlight on Immortals Fenyx Rising, the game formerly known as Gods and Monsters. The open-world action game has transformed since we saw it at last year’s E3, and those changes go well beyond its new name. Ubisoft said it rethought the tone, hero, and universe, but it still […]

Ubisoft’s Gods And Monsters Has Been Renamed Immortals: Fenyx Rising

The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee revealed the rating for Ubisoft’s Immortals: Fenyx Rising, which appears to be the new name for the delayed Gods & Monsters, which was due out this past February. In a statement to Kotaku, Ubisoft, headquartered in Montréal, had referred to “the game formerly known as Gods & Monsters” when […]

The Last Of Us Part 2 Could Have Had A Much Darker Ending, The Director Says

The original ending to The Last of Us Part II was going to put Ellie down an even darker path. In an interview with Game Informer, creative director Neil Druckmann and narrative lead Halley Gross discussed the final moments in the PlayStation 4 exclusive. It should go without saying that there are major spoilers ahead. […]