Spider-Man: Miles Morales Has Now Outsold The Last Of Us 2

The best-selling games of the past 12 months in the US have been revealed, and the order of the entries might come as quite a shock to some people. In spite of the pandemic causing delays to game development and console availability, the video game industry has been spoiled over the past 12 months. That […]

It Takes Two Has Dethroned Outriders As Steam’s Best Seller

After two weeks of coming oh so close, It Takes Two has finally taken the number one spot away from Outriders on Steam. Four months into 2021 and new games are finally arriving thick and fast. Outriders and It Takes Two have been stealing headlines for the last few weeks, Nier Replicant and Pokemon Snap […]

The AI arms race has us on the road to Armageddon

Join Transform 2021 this July 12-16. Register for the AI event of the year. It’s now a given that countries worldwide are battling for AI supremacy. To date, most of the public discussion surrounding this competition has focused on commercial gains flowing from the technology. But the AI arms race for military applications is racing […]

Diddy Kong’s Render Has Randomly Been Updated On Nintendo Japan’s Website

As reported by Nintendo Life, Diddy Kong’s render on the Nintendo Japan website has randomly been updated, sparking hopes that he might be making a return sometime soon. The discovery was made by Twitter user CosmoBrittany73, who Tweeted out her finding and compared it to the older render that was from Mario Party. The render […]

Payday: Crime War Has Been Revived, Expected To Launch In 2022

After a rocky closed beta and a subsequent shutdown in 2019, Payday: Crime War is looking to make a return. The mobile spin-off recently entered a new licensing deal with PopReach – a publisher focused on free-to-play mobile games. Payday: Crime War is expected to soft launch by the end of the year, with a […]

Warframe Has The Best Reload Animations. Fight Me.

I’ve played a lot of shooters, and I’ve come to a very important conclusion: Warframe has the best reload animations of all time. Here’s a dirty little secret that most game devs probably don’t want you to know about. Whenever you reload a gun in a first-person shooter, most of the time your character is […]

Fortnite Has Added A Dance Choreographed By Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is the latest celebrity to have their dance moves put into the world of Fortnite, with a brand new emote made by the singer hitting the shop. Bruno posted a video of him performing the dance in real life next to a Fortnite character copying his moves. The emote is set to the […]

Returnal Has Gone Gold

In a year filled with delays, it might be a relief for PlayStation fans to hear that printing has started for third-person shooter Returnal, which has officially gone gold. “A huge thanks to everyone on the team at Housemarque, PlayStation Studios, and all the other teams involved,” developer Housemarque said on Twitter. “We can’t wait to have […]

Someone Has Found A Last of Us Part 2 Easter Egg In Uncharted 4

After almost five years since its release, an Uncharted 4 player has seemingly discovered a brand new easter egg that ties directly to The Last of Us Part 2. Reddit user kheinrichs575 shared a post to The Last of Us subreddit of a blurry photo taken from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The image is […]

Genomics has the power to transform medicine — but it must be made accessible

This article is part of a Technology and Innovation Insights series paid for by Samsung.  In this episode of The Next Wave, Young Sohn sits down with Lisa Alderson, CEO of Genome Medical, an innovative healthcare firm that is working hard to ensure that genomic medicine is made accessible to everyone. Alderson shares her views […]