Review: Demeo

It may seem like a long time ago but there was a time when multiplayer gaming purely meant having to physically go to an arcade or pop to a mate’s, especially when it came to dungeon crawling with a team of fantasy warriors. Nowadays, board gaming might still be alive and strong but there are […]

Review: Maskmaker

French studio InnerspaceVR’s first puzzle title A Fisherman’s Tale was a delightful mix of storyline and out-the-box challenges, yet it was over so quickly it barely had time to ground you in the world. The team’s next title sets out to capture what made that 2019 project special whilst building upon it with a bigger, […]

Rhythm Action Noir AGAINST Cuts its Own Path in 2021

At the end of March, Stride developer Joy Way released a brief gif showcasing a new rhythm action videogame it was working on. No other details were released at the time, but the visual style and gameplay certainly caught people’s attention. Now the studio has made an official announcement, releasing a trailer and more for […]

Review: Traffic Jams

A the moment commutes might not be a regular thing for most office workers but many aren’t likely to be in much of a hurry to restart the daily ordeal of sitting in traffic, trying to wake up with a hot beverage. While this is all part of city life you wouldn’t have thought plonking […]

Half-Life: Alyx Currently 40% off to Celebrate 1st Anniversary

Doesn’t time fly? Can you believe, considering all that’s happened, that it’s been 12 months since Valve released what was undoubtedly the best virtual reality (VR) videogame currently available, Half-Life: Alyx. The epic sci-fi shooter has won numerous awards – including VRFocus’ very own ‘Game of the Year’ – and if you happen to own […]

Traffic Jams Run Amok on Oculus Quest & PC VR in April

One of the quirkier looking virtual reality (VR) videogames expected this year is Little Chicken Game Company’s (REKT!, Track Labs) Traffic Jams. Today, publisher Vertigo Games has announced that the multiplatform title now has a release date set for early April. Traffic Jams is certainly one of the more unusual VR ideas to crop up […]

Enter the Immersive Arcade: The Showcase in Museum of Other Realities for Free

The Museum of Other Realities has been used for several events of the past year including Cannes XR Virtual and fashion exhibition The Fabric of Reality. The latest is a showcase of British virtual reality (VR) experiences ‘Immersive Arcade: The Showcase’, put together by Digital Catapult and UKRI in partnership with Kaleidoscope its completely free to […]

Part 2 of Maskmaker’s Behind-the-Scenes Documentary Released

Looking forward to what InnerspaceVR has in store for its next virtual reality (VR) title Maskmaker? The studio has been revealing a wealth of information about this upcoming puzzler and today there’s a little more, with the second part of its ‘Behind the Mask’ series in collaboration with publisher MWMi. With part one setting the […]

HTC is Teasing New VR Hardware in Cryptic Tweets – Road to VR

The Entire VR Industry in One Little Email The Daily Roundup is our comprehensive coverage of the VR industry wrapped up into one daily email, delivered directly to your inbox.  A series of cryptic tweets with teasing imagery have dropped on the official HTC Vive account in the last week, but what do they point […]

HTC Vive’s Next-Gen Standalone Headset Due 2021

When virtual reality (VR) started to become a consumer product in 2016 it was really a two-horse race between Oculus and HTC, both with PC-powered headsets. The landscape has dramatically changed since then with the rise of standalone headsets, Facebook’s dominance and HTC Vive struggling when it comes to the consumer market. But that could […]