First Teasing Trailer for The Living Remain Emerges

For those that just love shooting zombies in the face, there’s going to be another title you may want to add to that undead library of yours, The Living Remain. The work of indie team Five Finger Studios, The Living Remain is going to be a classic survival adventure filled with guns, gore and plenty of corpses by the looks of things.

In The Living Remain “You are playing as Grant Montgomery, a former military soldier who has been separated from his family,” explains the synopsis. “Now he is searching for them in a post-apocalyptic world where pockets of remaining humans are surviving within protected compounds, while the undead roam freely.” You won’t be completely running around solo, as you find an ally in a group of survivors called Alex. She’ll help you navigate this new hostile world by staying in communication with you over the radio.

Everything else you have to do on your own as this is a single-player adventure. All the core ingredients are there, plenty of weapons from one-handed pistols to two-handed assault rifles and shotguns. Or you can go for the more personal approach with some tactical knife placement. All are designed to function and look as realistic as possible.

When it comes to realism in The Living Remain you’ll find that environments are fully interactive, so you can smash your way through glass barehanded or climb objects and buildings for an advantage when the horde comes stumbling in. There will also be puzzles to solve and crafting mechanics so you can scavenge items to craft ammo and upgrade your arsenal.

“Our vision with The Living Remain was to create a VR game that incorporated ideas from some of our favourite genres of movies and videogames while creating an experience that we would want,” said Stephen and Pamela Marshall, co-founders of Five Finger Studios in a statement. “This meant taking on a project that felt much bigger than us, but that only motivated us to keep going. It meant so much to be able to create something from the ground up, and offer players a fun and immersive experience.”

Five Finger Studios has yet to confirm when The Living Remain will be released, just that it’ll support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index headsets. Take a look at the first trailer below and for further updates, keep reading VRFocus.
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