Bloober Team Isn’t The Right Studio For Silent Hill

We’ll never return to the glory days of Silent Hill. P.T. came close, although a nasty break-up between Konami and Hideo Kojima ensured the full version of this ambitious effort never saw the light of day, and everything else we’ve seen outside of Team Silent’s original quartet of classics has been riddled with mediocrity. Silent […]

Ubisoft Isn't Abandoning Its AAA Franchises With New Free-To-Play Initiative

Ubisoft provided an update for its game release schedule during a recent earnings call, including information regarding Skull & Bones, but there was also talk of the company’s new initiative going forward: free-to-play games. With the announcement that Tom Clancy’s universe is expanding with two new F2P adventures, many have been concerned about what this […]

New G4 Isn’t Just About "Games Or Entertainment, It’s About Gamer Culture"

The new G4TV is prime to pick up where the old one left off, and it’s perfect content for today’s gaming scene. That’s what Brian Terwilliger, G4’s VP of Programming & Creative Strategy, believes. While the network’s 2021 revival is advertising the return of old favorites like Attack of the Show!, it will also bring new shows based […]

Resident Evil Village Isn’t Even Out Yet, But It Already Has A Thomas The Tank Engine Mod

If you’re looking for an effective method of ruining your unhealthy obsession with Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu, then perhaps hybridizing her with Thomas the Tank Engine will do the trick. Unless you’re into that kind of thing too? Resident Evil Village of course hasn’t been released yet, but that small detail hasn’t stopped fans from […]

Knack 2 Isn’t A Masterpiece, But It Definitely Deserved Better

Knack 2 is a good game. There, I said it. It’s not great, but compared to its mediocre predecessor, it feels like a fully fledged platformer with enough creative ideas to cement itself in my memory. Sadly, before it was even announced, the possibility of a Knack sequel had already become a bit of an […]

I’m Glad Abandoned Isn’t A Kojima Game

Abandoned being a Kojima game might have just broken the world record for being both the quickest sprouting urban myth in gaming, and the quickest to be shot down. The reasons people believed it might have been are questionable at best: mainly the game’s director has the initials HK, but then it could just as […]

No, WandaVision Isn’t Setting Up The House Of M

After a fairly slow and schmaltzy start, WandaVision has cranked up the pacing recently, merging Wanda’s Westview storyline with the military espionage and action thriller plots of the ‘real world’. There have been some big twists already – with the Fantastic Four possibly still to come – but by far the biggest curveball has been […]

Carmack: App Lab Isn't 'Guaranteed Path' To Quest Store

Facebook found a curious middle ground for Oculus Quest curation this week with the launch of App Lab, but the feature doesn’t secure developers a ‘guaranteed path’ to the main Oculus Store. So says John Carmack, who tweeted about the launch of App Lab earlier this week. App Lab is a means for developers to […]

No, Redd isn’t missing in Animal Crossing

Series veteran Redd arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons about a month after the game’s release, and while he’s only been there for a few weeks, fans are already clamoring for more fraudulent wares to buy. For some players, Redd isn’t showing up nearly enough — if at all, leading to myths that the terrible […]