Demeo Realm Of The Rat King Launches Later This Month

Resolution Games’ Demeo is getting its first campaign expansion later this month with Realm Of The Rat King. We adored Resolution’s tabletop role-playing game when it debuted and we labeled it an essential VR title. The Dungeons & Dragons-style game puts you and up to three others around a board trying to strategize your way […]

King of Fighters 15 delayed to 2022

SNK delayed the release of The King of Fighters 15, the company’s flagship fighting game, due to development complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic in Japan. In a news release, SNK said it now expects to release KOF 15 in the first quarter of 2022. Previously, the fighting game was slated for release sometime in […]

King of Fighters 15 Delayed Into 2022 Due To COVID-19 Complications

The King of Fighters 15 was first unveiled during the EVO Championship Series nearly two years ago, but as EVO Online 2021 approaches SNK has announced another delay that will push the game’s release to early 2022. SNK has been providing us with regular character reveals in recent months, hinting that it was preparing to showcase […]

Pirate Simulator King Of Seas Arrives This May

On May 25, you are invited to live a pirate’s life in King of Seas, an action/role-playing experience developed by 3DClouds and published by Team17 Digital for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Drawing clear inspiration from the amazing Sid Meier’s Pirates! series of games, King of Seas puts you in command of your […]

Monster Hunter Rise: King Rhino, Rock Roses, And Bismuth Prisms For Economic Stimulation

Monster Hunter Rise has a lot of secret gathering nodes and materials hidden away, either behind obtuse, easy-to-miss locations, or well-hidden behind High Rank requirements and carved from monsters you would usually simply ignore. Well those materials are exactly the ones we’re hunting down in MH Rise, and in this guide we’re going to tell […]

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Preview: A Middling Knight

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a turn-based strategy game developed by NeocoreGames. The game is rooted in Arthurian Legend, following the knightly quest of Mordred after his climactic battle with the titular King Arthur and the magical corruption that follows. The early access version of the game offers a peek at the game’s promised combination […]

Meitenkun Joins The King Of Fighters 15 Roster

Sleepyhead Meitenkun is joining The King of Fighters 15 roster when the game releases sometime this year. This Chinese fighter received a new trailer and a bunch of screenshots for his announcement. SNK showcased Meitenkun’s unconventional fighting style, using a pillow as a bludgeon against his foes. He also uses chi energy to strike foes […]

Fortnite Remains King of Event Viewership – Weekly Twitch Top 10s, Jan. 11-17

The League of Legends esports season kicked off over the weekend with the world’s top region also leading in viewership. Influencers are continuing to change the shape of Twitch through collaboration and event-based streaming. Twitch’s Top Channel – TheGrefg Spanish YouTuber and streamer David “TheGrefg” Cánovas Martínez has become the latest streamer to shatter the […]

Burger King Is Giving Away PlayStation 5s, Here's How To Enter

As suspected, Burger King and Sony are teaming up for a PlayStation 5 promotion in the US. The fast food giant is giving away 1,000 PS5 consoles, as well as copies of the Demon’s Souls remake and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and you can win by eating a lot of burgers. To enter for a […]

King of Fighters’ South American Acclaim, Explained

The period of dictatorship in Argentina that lasted from 1976 to 1983 was a terrifying time for citizens of the country. Civilians disappearing was a regular occurrence, and it would happen to anyone who was considered to be against the political party of the government . The years that followed when democracy returned to the […]