Rocket League Is Getting A Mobile Port Later This Year

A mobile port for Rocket League appears to be in the works, not to be confused with the mobile spinoff Rocket League Sideswipe which has already been announced. The Epic versus Apple lawsuit is only into its third day and the big reveals keep on coming. The latest of those reveals was in regard to […]

I’ve Abandoned PC League of Legends For Wild Rift

It just hit me the other day, but I’ve been playing League of Legends for ten years now. I only remember the anniversary because I started playing the week my favorite jungler, Nocturne, came out. My relationship with Riot’s MOBA is a complicated one, and I’m no stranger to its troubled history as one of […]

League of Legends: Rell Vs. Leona – Who Is The Better Support?

In League of Legends, tank supports are the bassline of any solid team composition. While other roles can fulfill the job of tanking, supports tend to be able to truly succeed at it without sacrificing potential damage. After all, a damage-dealing support won’t be able to put out the kind of DPS necessary to carry. […]

Rocket League strikes Lamborghini partnership – Esports Insider

Rocket League developer Psyonix has announced a partnership with Italian car manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini. As a result of the partnership, Lamborghini will sponsor the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) X Lamborghini Open and a new event titled the ‘Battle of the Bulls’. RELATED:  Psyonix reveals mobile game Rocket League Side Swipe The RLCS X Lamborghini […]

ePremier League announces expansion into China – Esports Insider

The Premier League has partnered with Tencent Sports, Tencent Gaming, and EA SPORTS to take its sports simulation esports competition, the ePremier League, to China. According to the release, this is the first ePremier League event to be staged outside of the United Kingdom. The tournament will take place on EA SPORTS FIFA Online 4 […]

Esports Player League enters partnership with Warner Music Asia – Esports Insider

Online tournament platform Esports Player League (ESPL) has announced a partnership with record label Warner Music Asia. As a result of the deal, Warner Music Asia has become the platform’s exclusive music partner. Moreover,  ESPL will be able to embed music owned by the record label into its platform.  RELATED: Astralis launches initiative with Universal Music […]

Every League of Legends item update in Patch 11.8

Patch 11.8 of League of Legends updates additions to the items department. From the introduction of a new champion to nerfs and buffs, this new patch has something for everyone. There are also changes to the in-game shop highlighted below. Item changes in Patch 11.8 update Moonstone Renewer Starlit Graceheal is now 60 at all levels […]

League of Legends global power rankings for April 12

Over the past week, three of the four major regions in the League of Legends global power rankings have locked in their representatives for the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, leaving China’s League of Legends Pro League to follow suit on April 18. DWG KIA of South Korea’s League of Legends Champions Korea have earned their spot […]

Pokémon GO Great League Remix bans 10 popular Pokémon from format

Pokémon GO is introducing a new format to the GO Battle League called the Great League Remix, which will begin on Monday, April 12 and will ban 10 popular Pokémon. The Great League Remix follows the same rules as the original Great League, but players can’t use the 10 previous most popular picks from the […]