Dying Light 2 gives its unique parkour a bigger, better city

The first Dying Light largely executed on its novel approach to the zombie genre — survive the horde with parkour and melee, ambitiously presented as a first-person experience — while coming up short in some of the supporting elements. In this way, it was a bit like the sports video games I routinely review, something […]

Dying Light 2 Delayed To 2022

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is slated to be a step up from the first game, which we deemed a fantastic open-world, zombie-slaying experience back in 2015. The second game in the franchise got a bevy of gameplay trailers at Gamescom and a constant rollout of updates over the years. Sadly, delays are a natural part of […]

Next Dying Light 2 Stream Coming In July

Dying Light 2 developer Techland has announced in a press release that the second episode of its Dying 2 Know show is coming next month. Not much else was shared in the pressed release, although rumors suggest that the show will focus on the different kinds of infected you’ll encounter throughout the game. The stream […]

Dying Light Platinum Edition Is Now Available

There’s a stream dedicated to Dying Light 2 launching later today and to celebrate, the Platinum Edition of the first game is now available. You can grab it with Xbox Live for $24.99 or, on PlayStation, it’s $99. Later today, it will also be releasing on Steam and GOG, although neither storefronts are live as of […]

Dying Light: Platinum Edition Is Available Now

Ahead of the Dying Light 2 showcase that is planned later today, Dying Light: Platinum Edition is available now. With the sequel on the way, players that have not yet experienced what this Techland adventure has to offer have the chance to do so in the best way possible now.  So what comes in the […]

There’s A Dying Light 2 Stream Later This Week

Fans have eagerly been awaiting an update on Dying Light 2, the sequel to the hit, open-world zombie game from Techland. One is finally arriving later this week on May 27 at 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT. Titled ‘Dying 2 Know More?,’ the announcement came alongside a letter. “Hello, survivor!” it opens, “Remember […]

Techland Confirms Dying Light 2 Map Size, Talks About Recent Hurdles

After a year of silence outside of a small video that really didn’t say much of anything earlier this year, Techland appears ready to talk about Dying Light 2 a little more as development continues. Lead game designer Tymon Smektala opened up about Dying Light 2 a little more, including the struggles of development woes […]

Destiny 2: Charged With Light Mechanic Explained

While confusing, Charged with Light is one of the most powerful mechanics in Destiny 2. Guardians that can wrap their head around this strange mechanic can create some of the most powerful and versatile builds in the game. Gaining constant damage resistance, health on grenade kills, Super energy, and damage buffs are just a few […]