Xbox Live Is Down, Giving Error Code 0x803f9006

Anyone looking to do some mid-day Xbox gaming is in for an unpleasant surprise – Xbox Live appears to be down. Many users are reporting outages that give the error code 0x803f9006. This message seems to imply that the user is playing an expired trial or demo version of the game, and is appearing even when […]

China to Host Three Live Events for Overwatch League – The Esports Observer

Activision Blizzard announced that the company will host Overwatch League (OWL) three live competitions in the Chinese cities Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.  Between June 4-6, the competition called the “June Championship” will be hosted in Hangzhou Spark’s home venue; July 9-11, the “Summer Challenge” will be hosted in Shanghai Dragons’ home venue; and August 7-8, […]

Among Us’ Airship Map is live now, here’s what to expect – Daily Esports

InnerSloth has released the much-anticipated Airship map. The Airship is the fourth and biggest map in Among Us, allowing players to pick the room they start in.  Adding the Airship map with new tasks and options to the game was teased earlier this month.   🚨 #TheAirship is OUT NOW 🚨 Welcome aboard! Play the […]

Allied Esports introduces live animated casters through Xsens partnership – Esports Insider

Esports entertainment company Allied Esports has announced a partnership with 3D motion capture product supplier Xsens. As a result of the agreement, Allied Esports will bring live animated casters to its three-day, €5,000 (£4,305) CS:GO Legend Series tournament. RELATED: Allied Esports receives $100m purchase offer from Bally’s Corporation The company’s casters will be transformed into […]

Xbox Live is getting a new name

After over 18 years, Microsoft will soon rename Xbox Live. The service will be called Xbox network. Some of the earliest mentions of the name change came from beta testers of Xbox’s new dashboard, however Microsoft has since confirmed the changes itself. In a statement to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson said, “‘Xbox network’ refers […]

Live action Netflix Zelda and claymation Star Fox shows cancelled due to leaks

Netflix seems to have sabotaged their own Legend of Zelda live action show, with Nintendo getting so angry they cancelled a Star Fox project too. For some people it might be spiders, heights, or romantic commitment but for Nintendo the thing they hate the most is leaks. They don’t often happen for them but when […]

The price of Xbox Live Gold is going up

Microsoft is upping the price for its Xbox Live Gold, the Xbox online service, the company announced Friday. Xbox Live Gold will now cost $10.99 a month for a one-month membership — a price increase of $1. The three-month membership will now cost $29.99, an increase of $5. A six-month membership is up to $59.99. […]

Live VR event: Edward Saatchi talks about the future of virtual beings and the Metaverse

Artificial people are being developed and launched now by studios like Fable, AI Foundation, and Genvid. Enhanced by AI, able to create two-way relationships over time, these virtual people are at the heart of the conversations around the Metaverse. They’re leading to questions about how they’ll influence the next generation of the VR world, and […]

Stories Untold Live CYOA Game Now Playing Out On Twitter

Entertainment Production Studio No Code has launched a live-play game on its Twitter account titled The Site Investigate – Stories Untold Live. The game launched on December 22, and is being posted in the classic choose-your-own-adventure style of play. As of this writing, the gameplay thread is 29 posts long, and has attracted the attention […]