Xbox Live Is Down, Giving Error Code 0x803f9006

Anyone looking to do some mid-day Xbox gaming is in for an unpleasant surprise – Xbox Live appears to be down. Many users are reporting outages that give the error code 0x803f9006. This message seems to imply that the user is playing an expired trial or demo version of the game, and is appearing even when a legitimately bought copy is used.

The outage began to be made known thanks in part to a user’s Twitter post. While the initial tweet only has a few comments, it was soon posted to gaming forum ResetEra where many users shared the same problem. Based on the comments, it seems to be either mostly affecting or only affecting European Xbox users. Meanwhile, UK website Download Detector shows a huge spike in reported outages.

Microsoft has yet to comment, but we’ll update this story as more info comes out.

Gaming outages have been an issue all week as big names drop new content. Apex Legends had some major server issues with the launch of its new update, thanks to a record number of Steam players showing up. Over on PlayStation, Returnal’s latest patch was reported to corrupt saves, leading to it being taken down. Thankfully nothing so severe is affecting Xbox Live users with this current outage, and Microsoft should have the issue fixed soon.

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