NFL Players Are Ditching Madden, Calling It "Trash"

Anyone who has played a game of Madden before knows that the series has a reputation for being too repetitive. The series is often criticized for merely copying and pasting the same game with an updated roster. This year, though, it seems as if the criticism has gotten even harsher following the release of Madden 21 – […]

Madden NFL 21 to get fixes in Franchise mode — in November

Madden NFL 21’s developers have announced the game’s Franchise mode — whose lack of improvement has infuriated players — will receive three significant updates. The first won’t arrive until November. Players have been tweeting under a #FixFranchise hashtag since Madden’s Aug. 28 launch. Many complaints echo the familiar inflammatory accusation that Madden is yet again […]

Grab Madden NFL 21 On Sale On The Day Of Release

Madden NFL 21 is officially out today, but if you know where to look, you can already find a deal on it. Walmart has a decent deal on the standard edition of the football sim. Madden NFL 21 is discounted to $50.94 on both PS4 and Xbox One at Walmart, which is the only discount […]

Madden NFL 21 Pre-Order Release Week Discounts, Bonuses, Editions, And More

The Madden series is usually the first major game release of the fall, signaling the start of a deluge of blockbuster game releases. Despite the challenges of developing video games during the coronavirus pandemic, the immensely popular sim franchise isn’t sitting this year out. Madden NFL 21 releases later this week on August 28 for […]

Get A Madden NFL 21 Deal During The Week Of Release

Madden NFL 21 is out this week, and if you haven’t secured a pre-order yet, you’ll want to check out Walmart’s current deal on the standard edition. Madden NFL 21 is discounted to $50.94 on both PS4 and Xbox One at Walmart, which is the only discount available at any major retailer. Madden NFL 21 […]

PSA: Madden NFL 21's Deluxe And MVP Editions Are Out Now

Madden NFL 21 is now one step closer to its official release date, and the game is expanding to more users. Following the launch of a 10-hour trial on EA Play, the professional football game’s Deluxe ($80 USD) and MVP ($100 USD) editions are now available. The key distinction here is that there are no […]

New NFL Arcade Game In Development, Thanks To Latest NFLPA Partnership

Bit Fry Games, OneTeam Partners, and the NFL Players Association announced a new partnership yesterday to create a licensed NFL game. Bit Fry Games, the developers of Ultimate Rivals: The Rink and Ultimate Rivals: The Court, brings together athletes across different sports into one game to play hockey and basketball. These games let athletes like Alex Ovechkin […]

Madden NFL 21 Pre-Order Guide: Editions, Bonuses, Release Date, And More

Every year, Madden ushers us into the fall game rush with a new entry in the massively popular football sim franchise. Madden NFL 21 releases later this month–on August 28 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, just in time for the NFL season that may or may happen as planned due to the coronavirus pandemic. […]

Madden NFL 21 Details Backyard Football Mode "The Yard"

After teasing the mode last week, EA has now given more details and a proper trailer for its Madden NFL 21 backyard football mode, The Yard. The mode looks to be a more casual style of football, with features like alternative plays and custom jerseys. According to the official site, The Yard will feature new […]