Nintendo Is Gearing Towards New Original IP In The Future

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa says that the company will garner newer projects in its future lineup. “I myself am looking at and studying various forms of entertainment,” said the head honcho. “In the future, we will focus on creating new game series as well as long-sellers such as Mario and Zelda.” According to Nikkei (via […]

Super Nintendo World’s Hollywood Park Is Beginning To Look Like The Mushroom Kingdom

It looks like Hollywood’s very own version of The Mushroom Kingdom is beginning to shape up.  According to videos and photos taken by fans, construction on Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World is coming along quite nicely. After an almost eight-month delay, largely due to the pandemic, Super Nintendo World finally opened its doors in Japan last month. Even though recent […]

The best RPG you’re not playing

Despite being originally released in 2017, Divinity: Original Sin II feels strangely like one of gaming’s best-kept secrets. To anyone outside of the medium, it’s a collection of words and a number that make it feel unwelcoming. Those who’ve played it, however, can talk about it for hours on end. Set in a world where […]

Crash Bandicoot Nintendo Switch Review: A timeless classic, even on Switch

Crash is back… again, but now wreaking havoc on Switch and Xbox One, invoking the same nostalgic sense of frustration that’ll have you turning every shade of a piece of wumpa fruit. Venturing back a year, avid fans of the PS1 classic were delirious as the Crash Bandicoot: N’Sane trilogy docked on current-gen consoles, boasting […]

Fortnite: How to log out of Fortnite on Switch in Chapter 2?

Fortnite Battle Royale normally releases fairly regular updates for the game and when it does you might have to log out, and log back in again to experience the update. Also, due to the nature of sharing the Switch with someone in your wider family, you may also want to log out of their account […]