Dauntless' Easter Event Will Continue Into April

Dauntless’ Easter-themed Springtide event sees the game’s first-ever departure from game modes that are all about killing giant monsters. Instead, players are tasked with a hunt for Pufflehop eggs, before saving the bunny-like Pufflehops from a Styxian invasion. For those who are enjoying the less combat-heavy event (or at least the rewards the event offers) the good news is that it isn’t wrapping up with the end of Easter weekend, continuing instead until April 23.

Some games’ Easter events haven’t been too well received–some Animal Crossing: New Horizons players complained about Bunny Day, although Nintendo issued a patch that dialed back the number of eggs in the game. For games like Dauntless where Easter events are a separate game mode however, there’s little harm in letting it drag on a bit longer.

This is the first time free-to-play monster-hunting game Dauntless has held an event like this, containing less monster hunting and more monster saving. The Springtide event consists of three stages: in the first, you hunt around a map for Pufflehop eggs, in the second you have to herd the rabbit-like Pufflehops into an enclosure, while in the third you must protect your collected Pufflehops by slaying the Styxians trying to attack them.

The new game mode can be played alone or with friends, and can be started by talking to Bosun Markus.

Dauntless is available for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, with its PC version available on the Epic Game Store, and it’s cross-play enabled. A mobile version is also in the works.

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