App Lab Title Puzzling Places’ Update Adds More Free Puzzles

There are plenty of puzzle videogames for virtual reality (VR) headsets yet few offer the classic jigsaw experience.’s Puzzling Places is one such title to offer this style of gameplay, just with 3D models of real places. Today, the studio has announced the latest update for its beta app, refining the experience whilst adding […]

Review: Mare

Visiontrick Media has been working on its first virtual reality (VR) title Mare since at least 2016, a puzzle experience with beautiful scenery and a mysterious plotline all about a girl who needs your help. Little had been heard from the team until the title reappeared on the Oculus Store, now exclusive to Oculus Quest. […]

Review: Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister

Games Workshop’s Warhammer franchise might not be for everyone, yet it has legions of fans around the world who love it for the tabletop gameplay, the rich lore and the sheer lunacy of the characters. Most iconic are the Space Marines from Warhammer 40k, hulking great supersoldiers who tend to appear in most of the videogames. However, lesser-known are the Sisters […]

It’s Now Easy to Cast Oculus Quest Content to PC

When Oculus Quest casting first arrived it wasn’t the smoothest thing to set up but over time that process has steadily improved, so non-VR players can view content on a compatible TV or smartphone. Now Oculus has brought the casting function to PC, simply using a web browser. The actual process is really easy to […]

Competition: Win Blaston For Oculus Quest

Resolution Games has just launched its 12th videogame in the form of a duelling multiplayer called Blaston for Oculus Quest. And it just so happens that VRFocus has been given a few codes for some of our lucky readers to win. Blaston is a PvP shooter where two players try to whittle each others health […]

'Until You Fall' Oculus Quest Review – VR Hack & Slash with Strategy

The Entire VR Industry in One Little Email The Daily Roundup is our comprehensive coverage of the VR industry wrapped up into one daily email, delivered directly to your inbox.  Email Address Until You Fall brings a refreshingly unique approach to VR sword fighting which combines the satisfaction of a hack & slash game with […]

Review: Until You Fall

Schell Games has a varied roster of virtual reality (VR) titles under its belt, from educational experiences to comedic escape rooms. Then in 2019 the studio released early access action-packed hack and slash title Until You Fall for PC VR headsets with procedural levels, vivid aesthetics and energetic gameplay. The time has come to officially […]

Play Puzzle Title Tsuro: The Game of the Path on Oculus Quest in October

Tabletop board game Tsuro: The Game of the Path arrived for Oculus Rift last year thanks to Thunderbox Entertainment, offering a tactile yet zen-like experience. Today, the developer has announced the videogame is coming to Oculus Quest next month. Playable solo or as a multiplayer, Tsuro: The Game of the Path provides a simple gameplay […]