Colour Matching Rainbow Reactor: Fusion Hits Oculus Quest Today

A couple of years ago developer Tunermaxx released a little virtual reality (VR) puzzler called Rainbow Reactor, offering a new take on the classic match-three gameplay mechanic. Today, it’s the turn of Oculus Quest with a new addition to the series, Rainbow Reactor: Fusion.

This time around Rainbow Reactor: Fusion keeps that core gameplay element while introducing story-driven exploration and a mysterious plot for players to get to grips with. Set inside an abandoned factory run by disgruntled robot Dottie, the main focus is on throwing balls of different colours (or combining them to make new ones) into honeycomb grids, matching all those colours to score points.

In between those levels is where Rainbow Reactor: Fusion really expands, tasking players with solving environmental puzzles and dangerous hazards. In these areas, they’ll be able to wander around and get the place cleaned up, utilising different tools to open new sections.

That’s how the story mode works but there is more. Arcade mode turns up the heat with nine rounds of non-stop colour-matching, the difficulty rising each time. Or then there’s single shift mode where you can practice the various Rainbow Reactor: Fusion mechanics by customising the settings. Finally, there is a local party mode for friends to try and beat each other’s top score.

“The goal with our first title, Rainbow Reactor, was to make something that was ‘easy to understand but hard to master’ so that even people who try VR – or even just games – for the first time can jump right into it, while offering a sophisticated scoring system to keep it interesting for skilled players,” said game designer Kalle Max Hofmann in a statement. “After that game found its success and a base of dedicated fans, we are very excited to be featured on Oculus Quest with a greatly expanded version of the game! We fused the true-and-tested Match-3 gameplay with a captivating action-adventure story that has players fixing up the Rainbow Reactor building and solving the mystery of its downfall on the way.”

Rainbow Reactor: Fusion is available today for Oculus Quest priced at £14.99 GBP/$14.99 USD/€14.99 EUR. Plus, there will be a SteamVR version arriving later this year. For continued updates, keep reading VRFocus.
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