MechWarrior Online Announces Development And Patch Schedule With 2021 Roadmap

Piranha Games Inc. recently announced the 2021 roadmap and patch notes schedule for MechWarrior Online, the studio’s tactical, mech-based online shooter set in the BattleTech Universe of the 31st century. Along with the announcement, MechWarrior Online (MWO) was also updated to version, which added changes to bolt-ons, reconnection time limits, the Early Leaver punishment […]

Red Dead Online: Everything You Need To Know About Steelhead Trout

Fishing and hunting are the sometimes overlooked staples of life in the Wild West. Sure, gunfights and train robberies are flashy and exciting, but sometimes a cowboy needs to sit back and relax by a nice body of water and cast his or her reel. Or, for all you completionists out there, fishing might just […]

Watch Dogs: Legion Online expands open-world London, but only a little

Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer mode, originally due in December and pushed back on a near-monthly basis since, is delayed again. Watch Dogs: Legion Online will now launch March 9, a delay of two weeks. For impatient fans, what I played in a closed preview event one month ago didn’t exactly look like something worth the […]

Watch Dogs: Legion’s Online Multiplayer Mode Launching March 9

After being postponed into 2021, the long-awaited Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer mode will finally be available on March 9. The content was previously delayed as Ubisoft worked to fix bugs with the single-player campaign. Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer offerings will feature both PvP and PvE content. At launch, you’ll be able to roam around the […]

Final Fantasy XIV Online For Xbox Might Be In The Distant Future

Final Fantasy XIV Online veterans can surely remember the early days of the game’s disastrous launch and it’s eventual remake — A Realm Reborn — which catapulted the MMORPG into the spotlight and established it as one of the most popular online experiences of all time. With A PlayStation 5 demo slated for the summer and another large-scale […]

Red Dead Online players finally get solo-friendly missions

Red Dead Online’s missions are often better when players group up into a posse, but a new in-game activity is meant only for solo players. Players can now take part in “A New Source of Employment,” a mission type that puts players in a solo lobby for a dangerous scenario. These missions are delivered via […]

Red Dead Online: Collector Guide

Red Dead Online can feel like a bit of a rat race at times. Everyone is hunting, selling moonshine, collecting bounties, killing each other, it never ends. Don’t you just wish there was a Role for people who enjoy the little things in life? Do you yearn to take in the sights, explore, dig into […]

E3 2021 will be online only reveals leaked documents

For the second year running there will be no physical E3 event in the summer, as publishers consider whether to support an online show. In entirely unsurprising news, E3 organisers the ESA have seemingly abandoned plans to hold a physical event for E3 this year and are now trying to organise an online version instead. […]