The RetroBeat: I want to celebrate Pac-Man’s 40th birthday with this tiny cabinet

Pac-Man turns 40 years old today, and MyArcade is celebrating with an attractive (and functionable) collectible. It’s the The Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Micro Player, and it’ll be available “later this summer” for $40. The 6-inch machine looks like a miniature Pac-Man arcade cabinet, and you can actually play it. MyArcade specializes in retro-themed gaming accessories […]

The RetroBeat: My 5 favorite PlayStation 2 games

PlayStation 2 debuted in Japan on March 4, 2000. That means that the classic console is now 20 years old. Now, after we’re all done feeling old, I want to give a lot of respect to the PS2. Sony sold over 155 million of these consoles, making the PS2 the most successful video game system […]