The Man Behind Legend of Zelda’s Fairyless Tingle Has Retired From Nintendo

The man who created The Legend of Zelda’s quirky “guy in green tights” has retired from Nintendo, after 32 years with the gaming company. The year 2000 was great for many reasons, the threat of the Millennium Bug had passed and Britney Spears topped the charts with her iconic Oops! I did it again. 2000 was also the year that The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask made its unnerving way to the Nintendo 64. Along with the constant threat from an overbearing and grimacing moon, this second N64 entry to the Zelda series also gave us… Tingle.

Using the aid of a giant balloon to gain a vantage point to plot out Termina’s terrain, Tingle could be found in several locations across Majora’s Mask, selling maps to wayward travelers such as Link. He believed himself to be a reincarnated fairy (a self-proclaimed title) and grabbed as much attention for his interesting decision to pair red briefs over green overalls as he did for his unique catchphrase of “Kooloo-Limpah”.

And now, after 32 years with Nintendo and leaving a legacy of the fairyless man child for all to remember him by, Tingle’s creator Takaya Imamura is retiring. Sharing a selfie with the company’s empty office behind him on his Facebook page, Imamura said goodbye to his workdays with Nintendo, stating that he already “miss(es) it so much”. Along with Tingle, Imamura will also be remembered for creating Star Fox’s Fox McCloud alongside Shigeru Miyamoto and his work on Smash Ultimate.

While it may have been Majora’s Mask and Imamura who introduced us to the flamboyant Tingle, the character made such an impression on fans that he has made additional appearances in several other Zelda titles. And, while he does not appear in person in the latest edition of the franchise, Breath of the Wild, he is still honored through Tingel Island in the Akkala Highlands and in the Tingle clothing items that can be found throughout Hyrule.

Tingle, for all of his eccentricities, is a beloved part of the Zelda series. On behalf of everyone at TheGamer, I would like to wish Takaya Imamura a happy and healthy retirement.

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