Unsighted Review – The Ultimate 'Beat The Clock' Challenge

Unsighted combines entertaining and thoughtful combat and engrossing exploration with a devilish premise. As Alma, you’re a human-like automaton who awakens with amnesia and faces two problems. First, your partner, Raquel, is missing. Second, the world has lost its Anima, the energy source that gives automatons emotion and free will. When an automaton runs out […]

Resident Evil 4 VR Review – Breathing New Life Into A Familiar Feeling

I’m of two minds when it comes to whether or not someone should play Resident Evil 4 VR. If you’ve never touched the original RE4, then by no means should you jump into this version; everything that made (and makes, for that matter) it important would completely go over your head in VR. However, if you […]

Jett: The Far Shore Review – To Boldly Go Nowhere

“Surrounded by wonder, touched with dread” is a line from Jett: The Far Shore’s holy writings. These scriptures guide Mei, the protagonist, and seep into every aspect of the game. Conveniently enough, the quote is an apt description of my time with Jett, and not always for the best reasons. Some narrative moments reach high […]

Hot Wheels Unleashed Review – Simple, Satisfying Speed

You could be forgiven if you were ready to dismiss Hot Wheels Unleashed as another shameless licensed release vying for younger gamers’ attention, but that would be a mistake. While the game is undoubtedly entertaining to share with the family, this racer is more than it first appears. Thanks to the rewarding speed, clever course […]

The Good Life Review – Shoot For A Higher Standard Of Living

The Good Life has been in development for a long time – it failed its initial funding campaign in 2017. But after several development pauses, funding attempts, and visual alterations, its bumpy development led to a bumpy gameplay experience. Despite that, The Good Life contains flashes of fun in the more absurd moments, and its […]

Kena: Bridge of Spirits review-in-progress — a magical adventure with action

A new GamesBeat event is around the corner! Learn more about what comes next.  I like Pixar movies. I like action-adventure games. I like Kena: Bridge of Spirits! Kena is out now (well, maybe give it a few hours if you’re reading this right when I publish it). This indie title is available on PlayStation […]

Tales Of Arise Review, Life Is Strange, Alan Wake Remastered | GI Show

We’re back with another hugely exciting episode of The Game Informer Show! This week, we’re breaking down our review impressions of Tales of Arise, Life is Strange: True Colors, and WarioWare: Get It Together. On top of that, we’re joined by the illustrious Riana Manuel from G4TV and What’s Good Games to regale of us […]

No More Heroes 3 Review – Dead Or Alive

Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture’s nerdy assassin Travis Touchdown returns in the first numbered No More Heroes in over a decade. Many of the series’ telltale features return, including stylish trimmings, Beam Katana battles, and completing mundane yard work to earn a buck. No More Heroes 3 is best when the action is heavy, and […]

Wildermyth review: There’s no other game quite like it

Wildermyth clicked for me when my greatest warrior’s human head was transformed into the head of a raven. She had just spent an evening sassing a woman cloaked in black, making fun of her mystical ways, and when that woman turned into a flock of crows the next day, my warrior’s life was never the […]

Psychonauts 2 Review – Well Worth The Wait

Over 16 years have passed between Psychonauts games, but not much time has elapsed for protagonist Razputin “Raz” Aquato. His scratchy, high-pitched voice still screams of youthful inexperience, and his actions almost always show an eagerness to learn. That’s precisely what developer Double Fine Productions has also done over the years. Time has allowed this […]