Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Review: The fastest laptop GPU just arrived

The only real problem with Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 30-series laptops is its stunning RTX 30-series desktop cousins. No matter how impressively fast the mobile CPUs are—and our first tests show they offer everything from good to outrageous performance—they will never measure up to full-fat GPUs. Nor should they be expected to, except in the […]

Tadpole Treble Encore Review: A Tad Too Shallow

Tadpole Treble Encore is an endless runner combined with a rhythm game that’s all about helping a lost tadpole. You play as a tadpole called Baton, who has just hatched from her egg and is snatched away from her family by a thirsty pelican. After barely escaping from being digested, you now need to find your […]

Hitman 3 review – mission mostly accomplished

Hitman 3 offers closure for IO Interactive’s World of Assassination trilogy, but does it manage to end the reboot era on a high? Agent 47 was in a bad place before the World of Assassination trilogy came along. After 2012’s Hitman: Absolution was rejected by fans, the franchise felt like it had lost a handle […]

Hitman 3 Review – Slick, Stylish, Smooth

Agent 47 has been honing his craft for 21 years now. He’s a flawless killing machine, capable of infiltrating anywhere in the world to pick off high-profile targets unseen. If he does his job properly, a murder will look like a series of unfortunate events. Oh no, the crime boss slipped from a balcony. What […]

Battlescar Review: An Explosive Must-See

Is this in-your-face VR movie worth your time? Find out in our Battlescar review! Let down by 2020’s muted Medal of Honor? Then allow me to recommend an altogether different VR war zone – Battlescar. True, Martín Allais and Nico Casavecchia’s riotous debut has no bayonets and beach landings, but it’s an equally vicious assault […]

Mare Review: A Breathless Beauty Of An Oculus Quest Game

Mare’s arresting palette and mystic atmosphere help it soar, even if it uses the shoulders of ICO as a launchpad. More in our full Mare review! Now where did this come from? True, Mare was announced years back and has a few promising trailers to its name, but a long silence from developer Visiontrick Media […]

Project Wingman Review: Ace Combat Who?

Lots of games follow formulas. That’s not a bad thing–formulas help inform the player just what they’re getting into before they even buy a game. Give a player a first-person camera view and a gun, and they know they’re playing a first-person shooter. Add on some random loot generation and an inventory screen, and you’ve […]

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos Review – Captivating Story For Visual Novel Fans

Tokyo Chronos was a good attempt to bring visual novels into virtual reality last year, presenting an entertaining story but minimal VR use. Now developers MyDearest have brought us a sequel, promising greater interactivity within a similar gameplay premise. Read on for our full ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos review. https://youtube.com/watch?v=ze5zc24M8fg%3Ffeature%3Doembed%26%23038%3Bshowinfo%3D0%26%23038%3Brel%3D0%26%23038%3Bmodestbranding%3D1%26%23038%3Biv_load_policy%3D3%26%23038%3Bplaysinline%3D1%26%23038%3Benablejsapi%3D1 You don’t need to play Tokyo […]

Haven Review: Lovers In A Chill Spacetime

The power of love is a tricky concept to pull off in storytelling. We all know that having that special someone at your side can bolster you through the toughest of times. But that feeling is indescribable at best, often leading to speedy conclusions where things work out because love. Sometimes that’s enough, sometimes we just want a good […]

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review – Smaller World, New Trajectory

Beyond Light has the feel of a turning point. In a long-running living game with many expansions and seasons to its name, Destiny 2 is always changing, but this installment feels different. The past and future of the franchise rotate around this release, which clears away much of the old and sets the stage for […]