Mortal Kombat’s secret weapon is comedy (and Kano)

Despite paternal and political hand-wringing over ripped-out spinal columns and characters clutching still-beating hearts, the Mortal Kombat games have always had a silly side. Even the modern games’ gruesome, now photorealistic fatalities, where a crumpled fighter’s intestines are pulled out of their mouth by magic, aim to provoke a laugh at the absurdity of it […]

Secret Resident Evil 25th Anniversary game announces closed beta test

Capcom seems to have a secret new Resident Evil game in development, as it promises to reveal more on Resident Evil Village next week. There’s a lot of big anniversaries coming up this year, including Pokémon in February, but another game about to celebrate its 25th anniversary is Resident Evil – and up until now […]

Mortal Kombat 11 Meteor Secret Finally Solved

You’ll need quick fingers for this one. Another one of Mortal Kombat 11’s many secrets has been uncovered just over a year since the game launched. Eagle-eyed players recently spotted a seemingly random meteor flying across the background in the Towers of Time mode’s menu screen. These players quickly realized that the meteor always shows up at […]

Secret Lair Happy Little Gathering revealed in MTG Superdrop

Remember when Wizards of the Coast accidentally leaked a bunch of Bob Ross-themed lands on Magic: The Gathering Arena? Turns out that was real. WotC released details about the collection earlier on Tuesday, delightfully called Happy Little Gathering. The Bob Ross Secret Lair is part of a larger release that is planned for the Secretversery […]

Warzone: Secret Trials Intel Mission Guide

It is the first week of Warzone Season 6, and with it comes a brand new intel mission. Titled Secret Trials, you’ll once again hunt for pieces of intel hidden to add another chapter to the story. If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed between intel missions, it’s how tough finding some of these clues can be. […]

Secret new Nintendo Switch game revealed as Kirby Fighters 2

A new first party Nintendo game has been leaked online as speculation grows that another Nintendo Direct may be imminent. Nintendo has joined the embarrassed ranks of publishers that have managed to leak their own game, after the US Nintendo site was caught listing something called Kirby Fighters 2. It’s presumably a follow-up to a […]

Secret PsyOps Mission And Rewards Discovered In League Of Legends

Get ready to play some PsyOps champions during the next League of Legends event, as a new discovery reveals Riot Games’ upcoming plans. Redditor u/HS_Cogito_Ergo_Sum discovered a secret mission for the upcoming PsyOps skin line event. Players need to play five games of one the five champions receiving a PsyOps skin. The champions receiving a skin […]

K.K. Slider – Secret K.K. Songs And Full Song List In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

After you convince K.K. Slider to visit your island for the first time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (and unlock the ability to terraform), the wandering musician will return there every Saturday to perform a small concert, just like in previous Animal Crossing games. You’ll find him sitting in front of your Resident Services building […]