Secret PsyOps Mission And Rewards Discovered In League Of Legends

Get ready to play some PsyOps champions during the next League of Legends event, as a new discovery reveals Riot Games’ upcoming plans.

Redditor u/HS_Cogito_Ergo_Sum discovered a secret mission for the upcoming PsyOps skin line event. Players need to play five games of one the five champions receiving a PsyOps skin. The champions receiving a skin are Vi, Sona, Master Yi, Ezreal, and Shen.

Players will get a PsyOps icon, used to activate the missions. Completing the task will reportedly unlock a new mission called Operation: Songbird Extraction, which requires players to play another five games with the specific icon equipped. This will unlock a Hextech chest, key, and 13 additional missions. Many assume that these 13 missions will be similar to prior event missions, which includes killing a major objective like Baron or a certain number of turrets.

Another possible secret event players have found appears if five games are played as Zed, Pyke, Viktor, or Kayle. Doing this will give players a Black Rose Group icon. The Black Rose Group is another skin line for the aforementioned champions. The skin line was leaked by Streamie, the same content creator who previously leaked the upcoming champions, Samira and Seraphine.

For those who do not play any of the listed champions and still want to keep their dignity or LP, the missions can still be accomplished by playing bot matches.

The event continues Riot’s recent love of over-complicating events. The previous Spirit Blossom event required players to go through multiple chapters of a dating sim with 10 different champions. In order to efficiently unlock new chapters, players need to play multiple games of the specific champion. These champions include Yasuo, Kindred, Yone, Lilia, Thresh, Riven, Vayne, Teemo, and Ahri. Yes, Riot asked players to play Teemo.

The events also feel a bit disconnected from the ranked experience. Finding creative ways to promote more diverse champion usage can be good, but is subject to frustrate those who prefer competitive specialization.

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