SEGA Drops a Free-to-Play Mashup of 'Yakuza' and 'Streets of Rage 2'

Fans of retro gaming will be delighted to learn that as part of SEGA‘s 60th-anniversary event on Steam, the publisher will be releasing a series of new, but retro-inspired mini-titles, all of which will be free to play as long as you download them within a specific window of time. The highlight of the releases […]

It Looks Like Sega Is Releasing A Dreamcast Mini

Sega’s Yosuke Okunari reveals that the company’s next mini console following the Genesis and the Game Gear could be the Dreamcast. Nostalgia is a big money spinner in the video game industry right now. It’s why remasters and remakes continue to come at gamers from every angle. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Final Fantasy. If a game or […]

Sega Ages Ends On A Bang With Herzog Zwei’s Excellent Re-Release

Last week, Sega released the final title in its Sega Ages line on Nintendo Switch with Herzog Zwei. An underappreciated gem from the Genesis library, Herzog Zwei was maybe a bit too ambitious for the constraints of 16-bit hardware. Essentially writing the rulebook for RTS games for the next 10 years, it’s not hard to […]

SEGA Arcade Employees Thank Loyal Customers As Doors Close In Akihabara

After nearly 20 years of giving fans a place to enjoy video games Sega’s Building No. 2 is closing its doors. The Sega Arcade in Tokyo’s Akihabara district has officially closed as of August 30th, 2020. The building, formerly known as Akihabara GiGo, is part of the Sega complex in the anime epicenter, Akihabara. It […]

Sega To End Sega Ages Retro Line, But Will Continue Porting Older Titles

Fans of Sega’s back catalog will need to pour one out today. In an interview with Japanese publication Game Watch, the publisher has confirmed that the “Sega Ages” line of re-releases has come to a close. After releasing a number of classic titles on the Switch in an updated format, it seems the work from […]

Sega To Release Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 This Holiday For Current And Next-Gen Platforms

Microsoft may have lost Halo Infinite as an Xbox Series X launch title, but Sega just offered it the best possible replacement. Out of the blue, the Japanese publisher has announced that Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 will be releasing this holiday season for both current and next-generation platforms. Heading to PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, […]

'Yakuza: Like a Dragon' Release Date Revealed in New Action-Packed Trailer

SEGA‘s hotly-anticipated Yakuza: Like a Dragon has finally revealed its Western release date in a new trailer. The seventh-entry of the Yakuza franchise focuses on a new cast of characters that can be set in a Party who can fill an assortment of jobs, like an idol or host club member. The setup, including the […]

New Sega console is a mini arcade with Virtua Fighter, Golden Axe, and more

Rather than a miniaturised Game Gear, Sega’s new retro console is the Astro City Mini, which includes some of their greatest arcade hits. The announcement that Sega’s big 60th anniversary surprise was some miniature-sized Game Gear handhelds was not the most thrilling reveal ever, even if it was VERY Sega. But it seems they won’t […]

Former Sega mascot Alex Kidd gets a new look in upcoming remake

Beloved Sega mascot Alex Kidd is getting a revamped look in Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. The game is listed on Steam to drop in the first quarter of 2021, though no other consoles or release dates have been announced yet. The game will also have a “retro mode” for those who aren’t too […]