Apex Legends DOWN: Server status news, slow matchmaking crossplay issues

Apex Legends servers are down for some gamers, following today’s crossplay beta update.

Gamers are reporting problems keeping server connections, while others are having problems with slow matchmaking.

One gamer writes: “Some of my buddies and I (all Xbox) are having trouble with the connection after this update. We are getting disconnected randomly after games.

“Sometimes taking 5 minutes just to restart the game and load back into the lobby. It’s also taking forever to put us into a game. Im readied up and it’s stuck rotating between “starting server” and “matchmaking” is there a fix for this. I’ve restarted the game many times. Restarted my Xbox and my router already.”

It’s unclear what is causing tonight’s connection problems, which are happening the same day as the new Apex Legends Crossplay beta was launched.


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