Rainbow Six Siege Player Fools Opponent By Posing As Alibi’s Hologram

Rainbow Six Siege is an incredibly difficult game, although you’d think otherwise after watching this gutsy Alibi player fool their opponent for an easy kill. By standing completely still for the first few minutes of the round, they’re able to convince a member of the opposing team to walk within a few feet of them […]

Rainbow Six Siege Zofia Dons Her Beret With New Jill Valentine Cosmetic

Resident Evil is now 25 years old, and Capcom is, naturally, celebrating the occasion. Village is about to release, The Division 2 got a wealth of cosmetics celebrating the first four games, and now? Rainbow Six Siege is joining in on the fun as Zofia has some STARS-themed cosmetics to play with. In a teaser shared […]

Six Days In Fallujah Publisher States Game Is ‘Inseparable From Politics’

There seems to be a bit of mix messaging when it comes to Six Days in Fallujah, the controversial first-person shooter based on the 2004 Fallujah massacre. Previous comments from the game’s creator, Peter Tamte, claimed that “we’re not trying to make a political commentary” when speaking to GamesIndustry.biz. Likely to curb a lot of […]

PSVR Spotlight reveals six new VR games, including Doom and After The Fall

Sony has unveiled six new games for PSVR, with I Expect You To Die 2, survival game Song In The Smoke, and VR MMO Zenith. Sony’s announcement that they will create a new, next gen successor to PlayStation VR was quite a surprise last month, but a very welcome one – especially since they themselves […]

Rainbow Six Siege unveils 2021 esports plans, Six Invitational moved to May – Esports Insider

Publisher Ubisoft has provided an update for its Rainbow Six Siege 2021 esports structure, with the announcement confirming that the postponed Six Invitational will occur in May this year. RELATED: Ubisoft announces postponement of Six Invitational According to Ubisoft’s statement, the Six Invitational will replace the Season 2021 Six Major Of May. The competition will still […]

Ubisoft Reveals Year Six Roadmap For Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has released the roadmap for Year Six of Rainbow Six Siege. There will be one big difference this year, no Year Pass. This year, there are only going to be four new operators, one for each season. Now, unlike the previous Year Pass system, where everything for the remainder of the year was unlocked […]

Rainbow Six Siege Streamer JessGOAT Quits Streaming Over Sexism And Toxicity

Rainbow Six Siege streamer Jessica Bolden, also known as JessGOAT, has stated that she is no longer planning on streaming Siege due to the endless abuse she has endured while playing the game. “If you’ve been watching me recently, you will have seen that it’s become almost impossible for me to stream in the Oceanic region. Toxicity […]

Rainbow Six Quarantine Changes Name To Rainbow Six Parasite

Ubisoft has long been contemplating a name change for the upcoming Rainbow Six Quarantine, and it seems a rebrand is finally here. According to new images discovered on the PlayStation Network, Rainbow Six Quarantine is now Rainbow Six Parasite. Ubisoft is yet to confirm the news, but all signs point to this being the real […]