Steam Wins Storefront Of The Year At Indie Publishing Awards 2021

Last night saw the world’s first Indie Publishing Awards ceremony, a star-studded affair full of the biggest names in the indie games biz. Names like Gabe Newell, Peter Moore, Brenda Romero, and PlayStations Shuhei Yoshida, all appearing via webcam for the 30-minute digital event. Since the Indie Publishing Awards are all about the business side […]

You can now stream Steam games in 8K resolution

Steam’s most popular games may be dominated by e-sports titles that run on practically any PC, but Valve doesn’t just cater to the masses. This week, a Steam update added the ability to stream Remote Play games at a pixel-packed 8K resolution. “Results may vary depending on hardware,” Valve’s patch notes warn, and they aren’t […]

Steam Unveils Remote Play Together With Anyone In Latest Beta Client Update

A few years ago, Steam unveiled its Remote Play Together feature. Basically, it lets anyone on Steam play a couch co-op game with anyone else on Steam even if one of those players doesn’t actually own the game. One player who owns the game serves as the host and then streams their game data via […]

Steam Game Festival Returns Next Week With 500 Playable Demos

Valve has announced that the Steam Game Festival will return next week with 500 playable demos, developer live streams, and more. The company’s fifth game festival will begin at 1PM EST on Wednesday, February 3, and run until 1PM EST on Tuesday, February 6. The event will feature 500 playable demos, many of which are […]

The Steam Winter Sale Returns With More Cool VR Savings

It’s that time of the year where hopefully you’ve not spent all your money on presents as there are videogames to buy, lots of them. Yes, it’s the Steam Winter Sale and as per usual there are plenty of savings to be had when it comes to VR content. Plus the Steam Points Program has […]

Steam Gets Easy Playtesting Feature For Developers

It’s about to become a lot easier for developers to get their games platested on Steam. A brand new playtest feature is going to allow developers to gather playtesters straight from the Steam storefront. This new feature is being called Steam Playtest, and Valve has just released its beta concept. The idea is simple: let […]

Superliminal Launches On Steam With Developer Commentary And Challenge Modes

Pillow Castle Games’ perception-testing, perspective-skewing, reality-bending, first-person puzzler Superliminal recently launched on Steam, and has already firmly established itself in the platform’s Very Positive review section. The game’s Steam launch was accompanied by an update that brought new features, added support for Mac and Linux, as well as new Developer Commentary and Challenge Modes. As […]

What The Golf? Comes To Steam With Surprise Level Editor

What the Golf?, Triband’s hilarious anti-golf game, is now available on Steam, and it comes with a cool new feature. For the first time, players will be able to craft their own unique courses for the game. The level editor is a surprise addition, and it’s in a permanent state of “early access alpha beta […]

SEGA Drops a Free-to-Play Mashup of 'Yakuza' and 'Streets of Rage 2'

Fans of retro gaming will be delighted to learn that as part of SEGA‘s 60th-anniversary event on Steam, the publisher will be releasing a series of new, but retro-inspired mini-titles, all of which will be free to play as long as you download them within a specific window of time. The highlight of the releases […]