How To Get A Refund On Steam

We’ve all needed a refund once or twice in our life. When you purchase something online, though, it’s not as simple as bringing something back to the store. Thankfully, Steam makes it easy to request a refund for a product you purchased.

You may want to return it because the game went on sale right after you bought it, because your computer isn’t strong enough to run it, or any number of other circumstances. Whatever the reason, this guide will walk you through the process of requesting a refund on Steam.

Updated by Gabrielle Huston on June 8th, 2021.

Requirements To Get A Refund On Steam

For a refund to be officially eligible, it must fulfill two requirements:

  • The refund request must be made within 14 days of the item’s purchase
  • The account must have spent less than two hours playing the game

However, Steam does note that even if you don’t fall within these requirements you can still submit a request for them to take a look at it. If you’re only a little beyond the official requirements, there’s no harm in making your case!

The Step-By-Step Process

1. Finding The Right Site

You won’t be able to get a refund through the Steam app on your computer or through the regular site. You’ll need to navigate to:

Once you’re on the site, sign in using the Steam account which owns the game you need a refund for. Then, when asked what you need help with, select “Purchases.”

2. Find Your Purchase

Choose the recent purchase you want to be refunded from the list provided. If it doesn’t appear in this list, that means that Steam has decided that it’s not eligible for a refund (probably because you’ve had it for too long or played it for too many hours).

You’ll be asked what problem you’re having with the product, so you can choose “I purchased this by accident” or “Gameplay or technical issue.”

3. Detail Your Problems and Request The Refund

Next, Steam will try to support you if you are having technical problems, but you can simply skip that and choose “I’d like to request a refund.”

You’ll then be asked to provide some extra details about why you want the refund. Be sure to check whether Steam is going to refund the amount to your original payment method or to your Steam wallet. There’s a text box at the bottom of the page for you to provide any extra details that are relevant to the refund. If you are just a little bit beyond the usual requirements, here’s your chance to make a case for yourself!

4. Check Your Email For The Confirmation

Finally, to ensure your refund request has been properly submitted, check your email for a confirmation message. If you don’t receive anything, double check your spam and any other inboxes you may have set up before reaching out to Steam to inquire about the problem.

If it goes through it will be reviewed by Steam Support and needs to be accepted. Once it has been accepted, you’ll see a refund within the week! If it was denied and you want to contest the decision, Steam asks that you simply make another refund request. That will be reviewed by a different employee to see if there’s a reason to accept your claim.

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