Nintendo Switch Has Almost Sold 70 Million Units, Is Close To Outselling GBA/3DS

Nintendo‘s latest financial report has been released and the Switch’s new sale figures have almost put it ahead of the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo 3DS. The Switch has been incredibly successful for Nintendo, following the lackluster years of the Wii U. The 2020 COVID lockdown saw a huge spike in sales for the […]

Nintendo Switch Available At Amazon, Best Buy, And More

This summer saw a major Nintendo Switch console shortage, as many people begin settled in for longer time indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That looks to be slowing down a bit, as we’re seeing most Nintendo Switch models back in stock for now, though we don’t expect this availability to last long. According to […]

Pikmin 3 Deluxe On Switch Has Almost The Same Performance As Wii U Original

When an old game comes to a current console, you generally expect that there will be some upgrade to it, even if that upgrade is minimal. This is especially true if that old game is being sold at a full price of $59.99. Unfortunately, it looks like Pikmin 3 has almost the same performance as […]

Free Pikmin 3 Deluxe Switch Demo Now Live, Lets You Transfer Progress To Full Game

Pikmin 3 Deluxe launches on Nintendo Switch at the end of this month, but players have a chance to sample the unique strategy game before then. During the latest Treehouse Live presentation, Nintendo announced that a free Pikmin 3 Deluxe demo is available to download from the Switch eShop, and you’ll unlock some things in […]

Prime Day 2020 Nintendo Switch Deals: What To Expect

Up until the past year or so, deals on Nintendo products haven’t been nearly as prevalent as PlayStation and Xbox savings, which has made annual sale events like Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday less than stellar for Nintendo fans. Nowadays, we’re seeing plenty of Nintendo deals, and you can expect to see even more […]

Nintendo Switch In Stock At Walmart, GameStop, And Target

The United States is currently undergoing a Nintendo Switch console shortage, as many people begin to settle in for more time indoors with the cold. More people are looking for a good way to play some video games (especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic), so it’s likely to last for a while longer. […]

‘Team Xecuter’ Switch Hackers arrested – Daily Esports

Nintendo has always been the company to show no mercy to hackers abusing their systems. Nintendo has stomped down on two Switch hackers from the group named Team Xecuter, and they have been arrested by the United States Department. This case was, and still is, being investigated by the FBI and HSI. The hackers The […]

Your Switch Might Die If You Don’t Charge It Twice A Year, Says Nintendo

If you’re more of a casual Nintendo Switch dabbler, you might want to bear this warning in mind. As is the case with all sorts of rechargeable devices, the hybrid handheld’s battery doesn’t really take kindly to being left forgotten for protracted periods of time. As PS5 and Xbox Series S/X work to iron out […]