Where To Get A Nintendo Switch Lite: In Stock At Amazon, Best Buy, Target, And More

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, there is now a worldwide Nintendo Switch shortage. Nintendo’s newest console has become hard to come by. Retailers are struggling to keep up with increased demand for the console as millions of people around the world continue to stay at home, looking for something to do. The […]

Latest Nintendo Switch Games Sale Discounts Mega Man Franchise

Mega Man games feel right at home on Nintendo Switch thanks to the portability of the massively popular (and currently hard-to-find) console. Thankfully, every mainline Mega Man title as well as a pair of spin-off series are available on Switch, and they are currently on sale for great prices at the Nintendo Eshop. The Mega […]

Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors

Since the Nintendo Switch’s screen is made of plastic, it’s prone to scratches and more wear and tear than most modern handheld devices fitted with glass screens. So alongside a great Nintendo Switch case, one of the first Nintendo Switch accessories you should grab is a quality screen protector to keep your Switch’s display looking […]

Nintendo Switch Is Still Sold Out, Third-Party Sellers Increase Prices

The Nintendo Switch has been sold out almost everywhere online (and in-store at many popular retailers) for more than a month, even as some of its biggest games continue to gain popularity. With global supply chains reacting to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, stock shortages of numerous goods are expected. If you’ve […]

First-Party Switch Games, PS Plus, And More Great Gaming Deals Available Now

Ebay may be known for its marketplace of third-party sellers, but the storefront also offers official deals every day that tend to offer better prices than other major retailers–even Amazon. If you’ve been sleeping on these deals, now’s a great time to wake up, as Ebay is offering a smattering of discounts on first-party Nintendo […]

What The Golf Comes To Switch On May 21

Fans of silly things and a truly ridiculous take on golf will be happy to know that Triband’s What the Golf? is coming to Switch next week on May 21.  The Switch version of the game includes a local 2-player party mode so that you can really get into the insane physics-based lunacy.  The mode […]

Switch Exclusive Ninjala Has Been Delayed By Almost A Month

Ninjala, the Switch-exclusive free-to-play fighter that was due to release on May 27, has been delayed. The game will now release on June 25. The news was announced on the game’s Japanese Twitter account, which attributes the delay on the global spread of COVID-19. Ninjala recently hosted an open beta, although it did not go […]

Nintendo Switch Online Service Passes Another Milestone

Nintendo has released its financial earnings for the end of its fiscal year 2020. The previous quarter was a very successful one for the company; not only did the recently released Animal Crossing: New Horizons move more than 11 million copies in just 11 days, helping the Switch surpass 55 million units, but the Nintendo […]