Valheim: How To Tame A Boar

As you make your way across Valheim’s tenth realm, you’ll need to eventually give up your hunter-gatherer ways and learn to sustain yourself and your tribe in more civilized ways. Animal husbandry is introduced early on when you first make your way into the Black Forest biome, but it isn’t until much later that you’ll be […]

Skyclimbers Allows You To Tame Monsters In An Open World To Fight Alongside You

One thing that we don’t want Paratope’s Skyclimbers to receive is any of those pesky Breath of the Wild comparisons. Yes, the stylish grass is becoming somewhat of an artistic choice these days, but the city-building, open-world RPG offers a unique adventure to get you in touch with nature. Currently in development, Skyclimbers is a […]