This Week’s Indie Game Releases (February 21-27)

It’s time to say goodbye to the final full week of February, but not before closing out the month by highlighting some solid indie titles that are launching before March rolls around. Here are our picks for this week in indie games, February 21-27. Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos – February 23 (PC, Switch) Rogue […]

Turok 1 And 2 Head To PS4 This Week

At long last, NightDive Studios’ excellent remasters of Turok 1 and 2 are heading to PS4 this week. Available tomorrow, February 25, 2021, you’ll be able to relive the N64 classics on your HDTV with updated visuals, tons of gameplay tweaks, and even online multiplayer support for 16 combatants. Not every aspect of both titles […]

This Adorable Pokémon Charger Revives Your Phone With Pichu's Cheeks

Pokémon is celebrating 25 glorious years and in my search of literally any reason to justify talking more about this franchise, I came across the cutest not-so-little phone charger I’ve ever seen. With this Pokémon phone charger, a criminally adorable Pichu will juice up that mobile device in the most precious way possible: with their squishable […]

This Week’s Indie Game Releases (February 14-20)

Just because we’re in the shortest month of the year doesn’t mean that the indie game scene is lacking in solid titles to choose from. Quite the contrary. In fact, the first title on this week’s list launched on Sunday, kicking off an impressive week for indie game releases with plenty to keep you busy. Here […]

This video game gives a dog a paintbrush

Night in the Woods and Celeste publisher Finji has announced its next game, Chicory: A Colorful Tale, coming to Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC in 2021. The game, led by Wandersong developer Greg Lobanov, centers on the act of painting — bringing colors to a black-and-white world. Chicory: A Colorful Tale looks […]

This Week’s Indie Game Releases (February 7-13)

Following a slow first week, the indie scene comes roaring back featuring a little something for everyone. There is a notable selection of RPG titles launching this week, with plenty of other titles that could be perfect for you and your loved one (should you be so lucky) in this season of love. Here are […]

This RPG’s loading screens are a rare depiction of love and sex

Stories usually need tension and drama to be compelling, but once you’re hooked, you might start feeling a little protective of the poor characters experiencing that stress. This could explain why fan works like to depict characters in more mundane situations, like being a regular at a coffeeshop or picking out casual outfit for the […]

You Can Play PS5 Inside This "Luxury 7-Eleven" Before It Opens (Because Why Not?)

7-Eleven is teaming up with PlayStation to offer a bizarre, overnight gaming experience to a couple of lucky fans. As if that collaboration wasn’t strange enough, Airbnb and even Dak Prescott are also getting in on the action. The popular convenience store is gearing up to open another 7-Eleven Evolution Store – one of only six […]