3 jobs to apply for this weekend (including a REALLY cool one at Twitter)

Are you on the hunt for a new gig? Well, you have come to the right place. This week, we’re bringing you three brilliant (and interesting) roles that are available on VentureBeat Careers. So if you are looking for a new opportunity, get applying. Channel Sales Engineer, Mandiant Since 2004, Mandiant has been a trusted […]

Black Adam Electrifies In This Debut Clip From Dwayne Johnson's Movie

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and director Jaume Collet-Serra’s superhero passion project is still a way off, but DC Fandome gave fans a look at the upcoming film, including a clip of the electrifying introduction of Black Adam. Pierce Brosnan, who plays Dr. Fate in the upcoming blockbuster starts the segment with a big claim: “I’ve never […]

This Dragon Age Origins Mod Imports Isabella's Dragon Age 2 Design

Dragon Age Origins is the first game in the iconic fantasy BioWare series, and for many, it is the most enjoyable. What was not enjoyable was Isabella’s design in the first game – especially compared to the sequel. In Dragon Age 2, the fiery pirate became the very definition of a “glow up.” For those […]

This iPhone game looks 3D even without glasses

Some of the greatest games take the novel experiences of real life and translate them into a cunning virtual experience. For example, this train building game by James Vanas is reminiscent of the feeling of holding one of those plastic 3D bookmarks sold in tchotchke tourist shops. As you tilt it, the game moves like […]

This terrible bird is destroying top-tier Pokémon in Unite

Before Pokémon Unite, I didn’t care about the Pokémon called Cramorant. The bird-like flying-water type was released in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and besides a funny gimmick where it carried Pikachu, nothing really drew me to it. But now it’s obvious to me: Cormorant, oops I mean CRAM-orant, the Pokémon whose namesake comes from combining […]

This Legend Of Zelda Cosplay Beautifully Brings Link And Dark Link Together

The Legend of Zelda week continues here at Game Informer! We’ve talked about some of our favorite memories, we streamed some Skyward Sword HD, and now we want to celebrate the community even more with a really darn impressive Link and Dark Link cosplay. Because why not?  One cosplay that we found in our hunt for community […]

This $1,100 Alienware PC with an RTX 3060 costs heaps less than DIY

Prices are still insane for gaming gear, but Dell is making things a little easier today with a pre-built 1080p gaming desktop. The Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 is $1,100 (tower only). That’s $410 off the MSRP, and not much more than you’d pay for just the graphics card alone—when […]

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual Releases July 8

We now have a release date for one of the year’s most anticipated VR games – Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual releases July 8 for Oculus Quest. The game will be available on Oculus Quest next month for $29.99, with a PC VR release on Steam and Viveport to follow at a yet-unannounced […]

Riders Republic Launches This September, Offers "Massive Multiplayer Playground"

Riders Republic’s launch date of September 2 was revealed at today’s Ubisoft Forward, with registration now open for the upcoming betas. The game mixes mountain biking, BMXing, snowboarding, skiing, and wingsuit flying into an online social experience with racing, trick contests, and extreme sightseeing, acting as a spiritual successor to Steep. The game describes itself […]