NPD Report: Four Of Five U.S. Consumers Played Video Games In 2020

Feel as if you’ve been playing more video games in 2020? It’s a good bet you have been, and your increased gaming activities have not gone unnoticed. According to a recent report titled 2020 Evolution of Entertainment published by the worldwide market research group NPD, “four of every five U.S. consumers [have] played a video […]

U.S. Government Files Appeal on WeChat Preliminary Injunction

The U.S. government filed an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court on Friday, in an attempt to reverse a Sept. 19 preliminary injunction on a ban of Tencent’s WeChat App. The injunction won on behalf of the U.S. WeChat Users Alliance was granted based on concerns that a ban in the U.S. would limit users’ […]

How Hong Kong’s Change in U.S. Special Status Affects Gaming and Esports Investments

Written by Tobias Seck and James Fudge Over the last few months, the Trump administration increased political pressure on the People’s Republic of China. Several actions proved to be rather media effective, the proposed bans of short-format video platform app TikTok owned and developed by Chinese company ByteDance and Tencent Holdings’ WeChat app; and Trump’s […]

U.S. Cellular claims record-breaking 5G mmWave data call spanning 5km

While Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile spar over the size and performance of their 5G networks, regional carrier U.S. Cellular has been building its own alternative, focused largely on serving roughly 5 million customers in America’s heartland. Today, U.S. Cellular and network partner Ericsson claimed a significant breakthrough in their efforts to bring meaningfully fast 5G […]

Opensignal: U.S. 5G speeds slump as other countries leap ahead

It’s no surprise at this point that United States rollouts of 5G networks haven’t delivered on the next-generation cellular standard’s promise, as T-Mobile and AT&T launched low-speed 5G service, and Verizon’s higher speed network remains barely available. But the performance gap between U.S. and international 5G deployments is growing, a new Opensignal report shows today, and […]

U.S. Army Allegedly Ran Fake Controller Contests On Twitch

A giant, scathing piece on the U.S. Army using recruiting tactics on children as young as 13 ran in The Nation yesterday. The original piece is a lot to take in, but one aspect is the military allegedly using Twitch as a vessel to run bait-and-switch contests that send users to a link that purports to offer them a […]

U.S. funds AI project to enable millisecond-level 5G spectrum sharing

Artificial intelligence promises to rapidly solve puzzles that would stump the most agile human brains, so the U.S. government is funding a project that will put AI’s potential to the test. Today, the Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) announced that it has received U.S. Department of Defense funding to test a city-scale AI system that will […]

April 2020 NPD: U.S. game spending breaks records

Cooped-up consumers spent truckloads of cash on video games in April, according to industry-tracking firm The NPD Group. Spending on tracked new games, hardware, accessories, and game cards hit $1.5 billion. Games like Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Animal Crossing: New Horizons contributed to the growth. Here are the full results 2020 Year-to-Date Dollar Sales, […]

Apple accuses U.S. of ‘false claims’ on Pensacola terror investigation

A long-running dispute between Apple and the U.S. government regarding the company’s cooperation with law enforcement officials deepened today, as the two sides exchanged accusations regarding their respective roles in the 2019 Pensacola, Florida naval air station terror attack investigation. Following an announcement by Attorney General William Barr suggesting that Apple had not cooperated with […]