Returnal Update 1.3.6 Drops Today And Gets Rid Of Save Corruption Bugs

Update 1.3.6 is coming to Returnal later today and aims to fix the save corruption bugs, and put into effect the changes that were supposed to come with an earlier update. Housemarque released a patch for Returnal earlier in the week that was intended to make several changes to the game, but it ended up […]

Latest Xbox Update Lets You Track Achievements Through Xbox Mobile App

Microsoft’s latest Xbox update adds new functionality to the Xbox mobile app, while also making it easier to join multiplayer games with your friends. You’ll even find new game recommendations and collections on Xbox Game Pass on consoles, with categories such as FPS, Sci-Fi, Sandbox, and more. “Team Xbox is excited to continue bringing new ways to […]

New Update Causes Lego Mario To Call Out For Luigi

Lego launched its Super Mario line of sets in 2020, delivering fun kits including Whomp, Toad, King Boo, Bowser, and more. While the full line features a wide range of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond, Mario’s ever-present brother is conspicuously absent. However, a recent firmware update for the Lego Super Mario figure seems […]

PS5 April Update Introduces USB Game Storage, Cross-Gen Shareplay, And More

The PS5’s first-ever major system software update comes tomorrow with cross-gen share play, the ability to download games onto extended storage – but you can’t actually play them – access to an “improved game base,” and new bells and whistles for the mobile app. Firstly, let’s talk about the storage update. If you’ve got an […]

First Major Update For Spellbreak Now Available

It’s been a while since Spellbreak first came to the market. Spellbreak is a free battle royale game that made its appearance in the Epic Games Store last year in September. But Proletariat, its developer, is not neglecting it in the least with a new update for the game finally available. The update will be […]

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Update 1.07 Adds 4K Support On PS5

Anyone lucky enough to own a PS5 and currently be playing Ys IX: Monstrum Nox will be happy to learn that the game now supports full 4K resolution output on the next-generation device. The game launched in western territories back in early February for the PS4 and came packed in with support for Sony’s refreshed […]

New Phasmophobia Update Lets Ghosts Touch You, Adds New Objectives

Phasmophobia is an incredibly creepy ghost-hunting experience that will have you either laughing at the hilarious glitches or screaming in terror because that freaky demon thing is convulsing in the middle of the room. At the same time, your friend’s corpse hangs lifelessly on a nearby chair. So when a new update comes out, it’s interesting […]

New Xbox Update Speeds Up Downloads While Games Are Suspended

Xbox owners wishing for a way to speed up their game downloads while playing other titles now have their prayers answered via a new update to the Xbox dashboard. Microsoft announced a new “suspend my game” feature that will help speed up downloads for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.  For now, the feature is […]

Civilization 6 Update Coming Next Week – Includes Zombies And Portugal

So remember last week when some Steam Achievement updates spoiled us for Civilization 6’s last new civ? Well, we just got the confirmation in the latest development update video that Portugal will be the last to arrive as part of the New Frontier Pass. Oh, and zombies will also eat your brains as a new […]

Xbox March Update Adds New Backward Compatible Settings Plus Headset Customization

As promised in a February Xbox Wire post, Xbox’s March update adds ways to make some backward compatible titles even better on your Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This month, those who own backward compatible titles in their Xbox libraries will start noticing new compatibility options for those games. Once in the “Compatibility […]