Valheim Players Have Embarked On A Viking Space Program

Like most survival games, the point of Valheim is to gather resources in order to feed, clothe, and protect yourself from the elements. Players build their own encampments with the forges necessary to construct higher-quality arms and armor to continue exploring the tenth world. Also like most survival games, players will often digress from the […]

Valheim: How To Tame A Boar

As you make your way across Valheim’s tenth realm, you’ll need to eventually give up your hunter-gatherer ways and learn to sustain yourself and your tribe in more civilized ways. Animal husbandry is introduced early on when you first make your way into the Black Forest biome, but it isn’t until much later that you’ll be […]

Iron Gate Reveals Valheim Was Made By Five People, Exceeded Expectations

In an interview with PC Gamer, Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studios, developer of co-op survival game Valheim, spoke about the game’s influences, which he says are more linked to single player RPGs like Zelda and Skyrim than conventional survival games, and the tiny team that worked on the game. Törnqvist also revealed that […]

Valheim boss fight guide: Bonemass tips

Getting your base started in Valheim is the first big hurdle, but once you’re rolling along comfortably, you can start taking on the game’s bosses. While the first two bosses aren’t necessarily easy, it’s not until the third boss, Bonemass, that things really get challenging. Unlike Eikthyr and The Elder, Bonemass requires quite a bit […]

Valheim Already Close To 3 Million Units Sold, According To Embracer CEO

Valheim is just turning out to be this incredible success story. It hit one million in sales after its first week and struck two million copies sold in just 13 days. Now we’re less than three weeks out from the Viking survival game’s release and it’s already closing in on three million copies sold in […]

Everyone’s Valheim Houses Look Better Than Mine And I’m Very Angry About It

I’ve been sporadically browsing the Valheim subreddit all day and I’m amazed by some of the structures people have managed to build. The game has been out for less than two weeks and somehow there are already folks rocking full-fledged strongholds, complete with massive watchtowers looming large over the pesky wilderness surrounding them. A troll? […]

Valheim Is Amazing, And It’s Only Going To Get Better

A courageous warrior, slain in battle and transported to the world’s mysterious tenth realm in the talons of a colossal valkyrie, only to arrive at their destination butt naked and stricken by the munchies for a few dodgy raspberries. Valheim sounds good, eh? Valheim is a bit like the Norse concept of Valhalla, except it’s […]