Valorant Devs On Taking An "Aggressive Approach" To The Future Updates

Riot Games have stated their intentions to push “big game-shifting patches” after the conclusion of major esports tournaments in 2021. Valorant has been out for nine months now and players have witnessed many new maps, agents, balance changes and more being added to the game. It has flourished in the esports scene as well. Professional […]

The Run Down on VALORANT Masters North America

North America Valorant is heating up to boil with the first Masters event kicking off this week. The first set of Challengers events have concluded and eight teams have emerged as the best in North America. Team Envy, Gen.G, XSET, FaZe Clan, Sentinels, Luminosity, Immortals, and 100 Thieves have all made it, some by the […]

Riot Announces VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers Program

In a major push for inclusivity in Valorant, Riot has announced the VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers program for exposure to marginalized groups. The VALORANT Champions Tour is taking place across the globe currently with hundreds of teams competing to claim dominance in their region. Every week the top teams go for a qualifying spot […]

Team Vitality Signs A New Valorant Roster

The latest organization to enter Valorant is Team Vitality. They’re the second major organization to join the scene this week. Team Vitality follows on from the news that Fnatic has picked up a Valorant roster to kick-off 2021. Adding to its wealth of other esports teams, Team Vitality’s move into Valorant marks the organization’s ninth […]

Collegiate Valorant Levels Up with Redbull Campus Clutch

Redbull Campus Clutch is the first global Collegiate Valorant competition kicking off in February across 50 countries. In another effort to keep Valorant relevant and accessible, Riot has teamed up with Redbull Gaming for one of the largest collegiate esports competitions to date. Not only has Valorant had booming growth in its esports scene, but […]

Luminosity Upsets Sentinels at Nerd St. Gamer's Valorant Winter Championship

Nerd St. Gamers’ Valorant Winter Championship ended with an upset from Luminosity Gaming over the fan-favorite Sentinels. The Winter Championship began with 16 teams and four Groups with everyone from Sentinels to XSET. Only eight teams, ANDBOX, Cloud9 Blue, Envy, Sentinels, NRG, Luminosity, Equinox, and Built By Gamers made it through to the playoffs. Luminosity, […]

2021 North America VALORANT Champions Tour Begins January 27

The 2021 Valorant Champions Tour will kick off on January 27th in North America, hosted by Nerd St. Gamers. There is no doubt that Valorant is one of the fastest-growing esports in the history of video games. The growing support from the community is amplified by Riot’s efforts to take Valorant to the next level. […]

Acompanhe Jett na última revelação do agente do Valorant

Um novo teaser de jogabilidade foi revelado para o Valorant Agent Jett. O vídeo mais recente do agente Valorant, que chega aos 32 segundos, nos dá uma primeira olhada no elegante agente furtivo da Coréia, Jett. O foco de Jett é totalmente em mobilidade, movimento vertical e obscurecendo a visão de seu oponente. Com seu […]