Foul-Minded Pokemon Fans Are Already Drawing Saucy Fanart Of Pokemon’s New Professors

We got a whole boat load of information about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet today, including a further look at the location, some new Pokemon, and new gameplay features. We also got a look at the game's new professors, as Professor Sada and Turo have turned the heads of an awful lot of Pokemon fans for being pretty dang hot. In fact, they're so hot that Pokemon fan artists very quickly got to work doing what they do best.

If you were to hypothetically look up the term Pokemon on a certain website that fan artists like to use to display their lewd creations, you'd find that it's currently full to the brim with raunchy drawings of both Professor Sada and Taro, leaving pretty much nothing to the imagination. It's not just the game's Professors that have been drawn up either, as there's also raunchy pictures of the game's legendaries out there now as well.

It's not too surprising really, although you have to admire the speed at which the Internet has been flooded risque drawings, especially considering fans had art up just three hours after the professors were first revealed in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's new trailer. Professor Sada and Taro have garnered a fair bit of attention online, being described as "fine as hell" and "hella sexy" by certain members of the Pokemon community. It was only a matter of time before the lewd drawings quickly followed.

However, there was more to the new Pokemon trailer besides Professor Sada and Taro, as we actually got to see fair bit of the world, some new Pokemon, and even a release date. We now know that the game will have four player co-op and will be an open-world RPG from the start, completely unrestricted by the story. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on November 18 later this year.

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