Nintendo Launches Recruitment Website Aimed At Recent Graduates

Nintendo has recently published a website dedicated to recruiting recent and future college graduates. The news comes at what may seem like the perfect time with COVID-19 still hurting the job search for many, especially those are just out of school.

The company is no stranger to opening its door for recent graduates as they’ve been increasing their number of recruits for years now. Candidates are being hired in science and engineering, design, production planning, and within a multitude of office departments like human resources, legal affairs, accounting, and much more. So it’s no surprise that the video game conglomerate is continuing to offer opportunities during this time of crisis.

Their new website confirms that Nintendo is dedicated to work with new and future graduates beginning in 2022, with pre-entry beginning in October 2020. Recruiting events are also being planned for those interested in working with Nintendo. These would help those interested better understand Nintendo’s working environment and what a job with them would look like. Little is known about what these events will entail, but information about them will be released in the future.

While there have definitely been some static moments and bumps in the road, the video game industry is one of the few to be relatively unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to work from home was definitely a transition, but the teams at many major studios have found a way around the obstacles as they continue releasing quality games. Because of that, it’s inspiring to see Nintendo looking towards the future even while the state of the industry is in flux. The idea that they are focusing on recent graduates is a good sign as well. They know people are interested in working in this industry more than ever before and want to bank on the new talent that has yet to be discovered.

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