Valorant Adds Astra As Newest Agent

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for—Valorant has added a new agent into the mix. This free-to-play multiplayer, tactical first-person shooter has been growing ever since it was fully released in June of 2020. There were already numerous characters you could play, but since the game’s release, Riot Games has added four new agents. […]

Riot Unveils Valorant Esports Initiative for Marginalized Genders

Riot Games has unveiled the Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers – a competition series designed to promote esports opportunities for women and other marginalized genders. The program will be divided into two initiatives. The Game Changers Series will operate similar to 2020’s Ignition Series with Riot spotlighting regional tournaments and elevating them to top tier […]

T1 Valorant Champions Tour – Team drops out early in 64th place

T1 has bowed out of the second Valorant Champions Tour qualifier in the 64th round. This early drop out follows some major roster changes in recent months, which haven’t been too successful. T1 recently released star players Braxton “Brax” Pierce and Keven “AZK” Larivière from their main roster. This is the second set of major […]

VALORANT Challengers NA names Aim Lab as FPS training partner – Esports Insider

FPS performance and training platform Aim Lab has been named as the official FPS training partner of Riot Games’ VALORANT Challengers NA competition.  According to the release, Aim Lab is the first partner of the 2021 VALORANT Challengers NA – Stage 01, with the deal looking to help ‘shape the future’ of the title’s esports […]

VALORANT Patch 2.01 – Änderungen an Jett und auf Split –

Riot Games hat einen neuen Patch für Episode Zwei veröffentlicht. Dieses mal gibt es Änderungen an der Match-Historie, der Agentin Jett und auf Split. Außerdem soll es härtere Bestrafungen für AFK-Spieler geben. Die Änderung an Jett setzt sie effektiv auf den Zustand in Episode eins zurück, als ihre Smokes nur 4,5 Sekunden hielten. Die Entwickler […]

Valorant has a serious smurfing problem – Daily Esports

Smurfing is a problem for most esports titles. League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, etc. all have their fair share of smurfs. The smurfing problem seems to hit a little different in Riot’s first-person shooter, Valorant, however. Here’s what smurfing is, why it’s so bad in Valorant, and how Riot could potentially deal with it. What […]

Valorant: Sensation weapon skins come to store – Daily Esports

If you’ve browsed your weapon collection in Valorant over the last few weeks, you’ve surely seen the Sensation skins. They have been in the game for a while now, but haven’t been available for purchase. Now, they are in the store. Here’s more information on the collection, how much it costs, and how long it […]

New VALORANT Glitch Lets Cypher’s Spycam Float in Midair

A Redditor has discovered a new VALORANT glitch that allows Cypher’s Spycam to float in midair. Once placed in the air, the camera is still fully functional, allowing Cypher to look through it and spy on any enemy players who may be caught in its vision. The Spycam can typically be easily destroyed by enemies, […]

Cloud9 signs female VALORANT team, expands AT&T partnership – Esports Insider

North American organisation Cloud9 has announced the signing of an all-female VALORANT roster.  The team formerly known as Team MAJKL will now compete as ‘Cloud9 White’. Moreover, the organisation’s all-male team will be rebranded to ‘Cloud9 Blue’. RELATED: Lenovo, Power League Gaming promote female gamers with ‘Miss Esports’ platform Alongside revealing the new roster, it was also announced that the organisation […]