Valorant: Sensation weapon skins come to store – Daily Esports

If you’ve browsed your weapon collection in Valorant over the last few weeks, you’ve surely seen the Sensation skins. They have been in the game for a while now, but haven’t been available for purchase. Now, they are in the store. Here’s more information on the collection, how much it costs, and how long it […]

New VALORANT Glitch Lets Cypher’s Spycam Float in Midair

A Redditor has discovered a new VALORANT glitch that allows Cypher’s Spycam to float in midair. Once placed in the air, the camera is still fully functional, allowing Cypher to look through it and spy on any enemy players who may be caught in its vision. The Spycam can typically be easily destroyed by enemies, […]

Cloud9 signs female VALORANT team, expands AT&T partnership – Esports Insider

North American organisation Cloud9 has announced the signing of an all-female VALORANT roster.  The team formerly known as Team MAJKL will now compete as ‘Cloud9 White’. Moreover, the organisation’s all-male team will be rebranded to ‘Cloud9 Blue’. RELATED: Lenovo, Power League Gaming promote female gamers with ‘Miss Esports’ platform Alongside revealing the new roster, it was also announced that the organisation […]

Valorant Act Ranks and competitive changes – Daily Esports

Valorant has officially released competitive mode across all regions after several patch issues arose with the release of Act 3. These issues included audio bugs, sound errors, and the inability to purchase the battlepass or anything from the shop. These issues were among the most that Valorant has had to face since the game’s release. […]

Valorant Act 3 will not have competitive mode at release – Daily Esports

Valorant announced via Twitter last night that competitive mode would be turned off for the start of Act 3. In the Act 3 update, the developers expressed their desire to have stable patches releases. This is the main reason why ranked will not be available at the launch of Act 3. According to Valorant, a […]

VALORANT: Skye Character Breakdown

Riot Games’ VALORANT has a new addition. Australian scout Skye will join the ranks in Episode I Act III, bringing with her an array of powerful enemy-seeking abilities. You may be able to run from this hunter, but you certainly can’t hide. Like all of VALORANT’s existing agents, Skye comes with two basic abilities, one […]

Valorant Patch 1.09 brings big nerfs to Jett and the Op

Yesterday, Nick “Wu” Smith told Team Liquid’s “Mendo” about a set of nerfs coming to the Operator (the Op) in Valorant. Today, those nerfs are going to go live along with several other changes. Here’s what you need to know about Valorant Patch 1.09. Changes to Valorant Agents In addition to the Op nerfs, several […]

VALORANT Devs Discuss Potential Gameplay Balance Changes

Improvements to VALORANT’s hit registration might be coming in the near future. While most patches for Valorant have been fairly well-received, Riot Games has struggled to solve many players’ issues with what can only be described as inconsistent gameplay. The developers have acknowledged these problems, as well as a handful of others, in this week’s […]

Valorant cracks down on players with inappropriate names

If you’ve played any online multiplayer game a lot, you’ve undoubtedly come across players with vulgar or offensive in-game names. Riot recently addressed this issue in Valorant and has a plan to force players to change inappropriate names like this. Valorant will force players to change inappropriate names Riot has officially launched “Forced Name Change” for […]