Valorant Introduces Replication Mode Where The Whole Team Is The Same Agent

Riot Games has just revealed a new game mode for their first-person tactical shooter Valorant, called Replication. This mode will only be playable for two weeks, from today until May 25. In essence, Replication mode means that all players who are on the same team play as the same Agent. So you could end up […]

Valorant Patch 2.07 Buffs Astra, Adds Other QOL Changes

Last month, Riot Games accidentally pushed out the patch notes for patch 2.06 in Valorant early, even before the patch went live in the game. This patch added some noticeable buffs to Yoru, and Viper, while further nerfing Bucky shotgun. Fast-forwarding to yesterday, Riot did something similar with the upcoming patch 2.07 in Valorant. Yesterday, […]

10 Best Valorant Ultimates, Ranked

As the year 2020 came to an end, Valorant wrestled away some of the limelight from other popular titles in the same genre. Riot’s team-based FPS experiment initially caught our attention earlier in the year, but quickly faded because of Warzone. Now in 2021, Valorant is flourishing. However, for newcomers, in particular, choosing between the 15 different agents […]

Introducing the Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers field

The Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers Series’ Top Eight Tournament starts on March 25, featuring signed squads and amateur teams alike. The $50,000 prize pool event is a community-driven effort by Riot Games. Their aim is to create professional opportunities for marginalized genders and underrepresented communities to compete in Valorant. The current field of teams […]

Valorant teams around the world that have won the Masters

The first stage of the Valorant Champions Tour has come to an end as Masters champions across the globe have been crowned. These teams made it through the qualification series, Challengers, and competed against the best in their respective regions. Masters winners also earned 100 circuit points towards the year-end major event, Champions. International competition […]

Valorant Has The Right Idea For Punishing Leavers, But Its Implementation Lacks Nuance

There are few things worse in a competitive shooter than when you lose a teammate that you can’t replace (I hope you sang that in Chris Martin’s voice). Sometimes, this isn’t malicious – maybe their internet died, or something happened that demanded their immediate attention. In most cases, however, leavers are just rage-quitters who are […]

Valorant Adds Astra As Newest Agent

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for—Valorant has added a new agent into the mix. This free-to-play multiplayer, tactical first-person shooter has been growing ever since it was fully released in June of 2020. There were already numerous characters you could play, but since the game’s release, Riot Games has added four new agents. […]

Riot Unveils Valorant Esports Initiative for Marginalized Genders

Riot Games has unveiled the Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers – a competition series designed to promote esports opportunities for women and other marginalized genders. The program will be divided into two initiatives. The Game Changers Series will operate similar to 2020’s Ignition Series with Riot spotlighting regional tournaments and elevating them to top tier […]