Valorant Patch 2.07 Buffs Astra, Adds Other QOL Changes

Last month, Riot Games accidentally pushed out the patch notes for patch 2.06 in Valorant early, even before the patch went live in the game. This patch added some noticeable buffs to Yoru, and Viper, while further nerfing Bucky shotgun. Fast-forwarding to yesterday, Riot did something similar with the upcoming patch 2.07 in Valorant.

Yesterday, ValorLeaks tweeted out the complete patch notes for this upcoming patch that features buffs to Astra and changes to Viper and Raze. There are some other quality-of-life changes. First off, let’s talk about Astra. With patch 2.07, Astra will now be able to pull agents while they are defusing the Spike, which is immensely useful if you’re familiar with Astra’s abilities.

  • Now pulls Agents that are defusing the Spike
  • If they are pulled out of defuse range, the defuse will be interrupted

For Raze, Riot Games adds a new sound and visual effect to Raze’s abilities. With this new patch, Raze’s Black Pack will get a new audio cue that will help other teammates and enemies when she is boosted. Along with that, visual effects for Explosion and Showstopper will also be updated.

  • Audio cues added to indicate when she’s boosted in the air from Black Pack
  • Explosion and Showstopper launching VFX updated so they are less obscuring and clear out of the play space faster

It looks like there was a bug with Marshal not killing enemies when decayed from Viper’s abilities. This will be fixed in this new patch in Valorant.

  • Fixed a bug when calculating if damage taken while decayed should be lethal for players with armor
  • Most noticeably, this was causing Marshal shots when the was decayed 50 to reduce the enemy to 1 health instead of killing them

Other minor changes include an improved ping wheel selection tool and Cypher’s Tripwires. You can check out the complete list below:

  • Improved feel of ping wheel selection tool, this should now feel more predictable to use
  • Cypher Tripwires now display to Observers with associated team color
  • Yoru can no Longer plant the Spike after using Gatecrash while his Dimensional Shift is active
  • Cypher can no Longer place Spycam in Cyber Cage projectiles

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