Cyberpunk 2077’s latest patch squashes more bugs

Developer CD Projekt Red rolled out a new update for Cyberpunk 2077 on Wednesday, a hotfix for the game’s recent 1.22 patch. This time, CDPR is targeting quests and open-world bugs, including Cyberpunk 2077’s first “retrofix.” Most of the bug fixes contained within the update address quest progression problems, but there’s also another round of […]

Patch Size Revealed For Monster Hunter Rise’s April Update

The end of April is in sight and with it comes Monster Hunter Rise’s end of the month update patch. With the patch just a few days off, the official Monster Hunter Twitter decided to prepare gamers by revealing just how much space will be required to update. The size will be different for those […]

Nioh 2 Patch Fixes Mouse And Keyboard Issues On PC

The latest update for Nioh 2 on PC fixed several lingering mouse and keyboard issues, including a bug that prevented actions from being performed after rebinding certain keys. A few smaller adjustments were also made to various icons and UI elements. Nioh 2 released a patch back in March that fixed many of the keyboard and […]

New Cyberpunk 2077 patch fixes more bugs, excessive police spawning

CD Projekt Red rolled out a new hotfix for Cyberpunk 2077 — patch 1.21 — on Wednesday that addresses a long list of quest-related and open-world bugs, and also further nerfs the game’s teleporting police presence. Patch 1.21 for Cyberpunk 2077 arrives about two weeks after CD Projekt Red’s second major update to the game, […]

Valorant Patch 2.07 Buffs Astra, Adds Other QOL Changes

Last month, Riot Games accidentally pushed out the patch notes for patch 2.06 in Valorant early, even before the patch went live in the game. This patch added some noticeable buffs to Yoru, and Viper, while further nerfing Bucky shotgun. Fast-forwarding to yesterday, Riot did something similar with the upcoming patch 2.07 in Valorant. Yesterday, […]

Black Desert Mobile Patch Notes Include Shai Pre-Creation And New World Boss

Black Desert had a busy week on PC – bringing the new Sage class to the battlefield – but things were just as busy on iOS and Android. Black Desert Mobile has officially opened Shai pre-creation ahead of her March 23 launch, added a new world boss, made some changes to Primal Relics, and much […]

Cyberpunk 2077 1.2 patch will make fixes to police response, driving, and more

Developer CD Projekt Red announced new details on the second major update to Cyberpunk 2077 on Friday, couched as an in-fiction news broadcast. According to the developer, the 1.2 update for Cyberpunk 2077 will address issues related to police response to player actions, and add more nuance and control to driving and moving on foot. […]

Legends of Runeterra patch 2.4.0 introduces new cards and QOL changes

Riot Games is releasing Legends of Runeterra’s latest patch, version 2.4.0, on March 17. The upcoming LoR Patch focuses on ensuring players can enjoy the new Shurima region even more. Players will have the chance to use new cards, while making use of some quality of life improvements. Asides from this, the patch also brings […]