Video games are keeping me sane during the coronavirus pandemic

A reader who still has to travel into work every day explains why playing single-player video games helps him feel better about himself.

I see a lot of talk at the moment about how people are playing more video games than ever, which makes total sense given most people are stuck inside. But I’m not. I work at a supermarket and my job has suddenly gone from being something most people never think about to being a ‘key worker’. In its way it’s satisfying, because you know you’re doing good and being useful, but it’s also nerve-wracking because obviously I don’t want to get coronavirus or give it to my family.

If anything, I’m getting too much social contact at the moment, so what I love to do when all is quiet is just zone out with a good single-player game. I’m playing The Witcher 3 at the moment, which somehow I never got round to at the time, and I’m loving it. Escape to a fantasy world where you can make a difference, choose to be the good guy or not, and just hang out with interesting people and fight monsters. Perfection.

People always talk down about video games, they do it even now when they’re becoming a social lifeline to some people stuck inside, but not only is there great skill in making them but they are great for someone, like me, that wants to escape away from it all for a few hours. Some complain they’re too expensive but apparently it’s 50 hours to beat The Witcher 3 on its own and I bought the whole thing plus its DLC for £15!

Considering I’m never going in a cinema again at this rate, because of the virus, and how much that costs anyway, I’d say that was a pretty good deal.

Finding the time to play games is the biggest problem, which is why it’s taken so long to get round to this one, but other than that I find them the perfect way to unwind and feel like I’m totally in control of a situation. That might sound a bit weird to people that don’t play them often but even if it’s a hard game and you’re not doing well, in something like Dark Souls, the feeling that you can gradually work things out and finally conquer the game is a real rush.

Most video games are meant to be beaten and getting to that point is very satisfying, the longer the game is the more satisfaction too.

For that reason, I don’t generally play multiplayer, because I’m not that great at it. But it’s also because there’s no ending, no goal to aim for. No matter what’s going on with your real life sitting down to beat a game is something you know you can do with the right attitude and perseverance. It’s not down to luck, not overall, it’s down to you.

For me that really helps after a bad day, or week or whatever, and is the main reason I’ve never ‘grown out’ of video games. They make me feel better about myself and my world. And that’s never been more important than right now.

By reader Kendle

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Resident Evil 3 Remake review: Great game… just not as good as Resident Evil 2

There’s something stopping the Resident Evil 3 Remake from being spoken about in the same breath as the original Resident Evil and its sequel.

Capcom’s latest blast from the past doesn’t quite hit the same heights as its forebears, but then again, neither did the original Nemesis on PSOne.

With exceptional sound design, impressive visuals and sky-high production values in general, Resident Evil 3 Remake is still an excellent experience that Resi fans will enjoy.

Its biggest problem is that it sometimes feels more like an action game than a survival horror one.

Take the Nemesis sequences, for example, which to my surprise are much different to the Mr. X sections from the Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Instead of slowly stalking you throughout buildings with only the sound of its footsteps to guide you, the Nemesis set-pieces are much more bombastic.

The Nemesis monster is louder and more explosive, bursting through walls, floors and buildings in its pursuit of Jill Valentine.

Its appearance is typically followed by a chase sequence where you have to slow it down with bullets and bombs, or traditional boss battles where the only way to move forward is to pump it full of explosives.

Because Nemesis is either there or it’s not, players are still largely free to explore Raccoon City at their own pace and soak in the eerie atmosphere. While that’s certainly not a bad thing, I did find myself missing the cat and mouse manoeuvrings of the Mr. X encounters.

Indeed, the Nemesis monster is big, fast and powerful – not to mention heavily armed – but the slower, more methodical Mr. X is somehow more menacing.

Resident Evil 3 is also missing that one really iconic location that brings the whole game together, like the mansion from the original, or the police station from Resident Evil 2.

Large parts of the Resident Evil 3 Remake take place in the streets of Raccoon City, as well as smaller buildings and locations with their own enemies.

Because there’s less back-tracking, item collecting and puzzle solving, Resident Evil 3 tends to rely on bigger set-pieces with even more zombies and a wider variety of terrifying monsters.

The Resident Evil 3 Remake does feel a lot more varied as a result, and the constant shift between environments suits the game’s faster pace.

It also means that Resident Evil 3 Remake feels like more of an action game, although thankfully not a bad action game like Resident Evil 6.

It still features all the classic survival horror tropes like resource management and sporadic saving, only with more gun-toting battle sequences and corpses.

If Resident Evil 2 Remake made you hold your breath, the louder, faster and more explosive Resident Evil 3 Remake will leave you out of breath.


Express Online will update this review with its thoughts on Resident Evil 3 Resistance soon.

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Fortnite Deadpool skin unlock time, new Battle Bus, map changes

Fortnite Deadpool skin is launching soon, with the unlock time and date for the chapter 2 season 2 Battle Pass fast approaching. The Fortnite Deadpool skin is the secret skin for the latest Battle Royale Battle Pass, with the outfit unlocking after themed challenges are completed. And leaks have revealed that after the Fortnite Deadpool week 7 challenges go live the Fortnite Deadpool skin will become available.

If you have been completing the Fortnite Deadpool challenges so far then you will just need to complete one of the week 7 tasks to get the skin.

And thanks to leaks we know what the Fortnite Deadpool week 7 challenges are, which are as follows…

• Find Deadpool’s 2 pistols

• Enter a Phone Booth or Portapotty to become the Super-est of Superheroes


  • Fortnite Deadpool COUNTDOWN: Skin unlocks as week 7 challenge reward

The Fortnite Deadpool skin will become unlock when the week 7 challenges become available at 3pm BST on Friday April 3 2020.

That’s not all though with Epic Games adding plenty more themed-content to signal the arrival of the Merc with a Mouth in Fortnite.

One of the most obvious changes will be the Battle Bus will get a Deadpool makeover as will supply drops.

While the yacht on the Fortnite map will also get a Deadpool design refresh.

Ahead of the arrival of the Fortnite Deadpool skin the Marvel superhero’s official Twitter teased Wade Wilson’s arrival.

The Deadpool Twitter shared an image of Fortnite Deadpool artwork alongside the message: “Starting tomorrow, I’M crashing this party. There’ll be music, tacos, and a whole lotta Deadpool.


  • Fortnite embrace the rainbow: How to find bridges map locations

“Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.”

Even after the Fortnite Deadpool skin arrives in Battle Royale there will still be more content on its way.

Next week there will be some fresh Fortnite Deadpool challenges which will unlock an extra style for the Deadpool skin.

Completing one of the upcoming Fortnite Deadpool week 8 challenges will give players a new skin style which shows Deadpool unmasked.

Here are the leaked Fortnite Deadpool week 8 challenges…

• Find Deadpool’s pool floaty

• Dance at Deadpool’s Yacht Party

And in case you’re wondering then you can find below all of the Fortnite Deadpool challenges prior to week 7:

• Find Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games

• Don’t thank the bus driver

• Find Deadpool’s milk carton

• Find Deadpool’s chimichangas around HQ

• Find Deadpool’s toilet plunger

• Destroy toilets

• Find Deadpool’s katanas

• Destroy opponent’s structures

• Find Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn

• Embrace the rainbow by visiting the red, yellow, green, blue and purple bridges in Fortnite

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Fortnite Skye’s coastal campsites map locations revealed for Week 7 challenge

Fortnite fans are working their way through the Skye’s Adventure challenges for Week 7.

In case you’ve missed it, challenges have been given a big overhaul this season. Tasks now revolve around different Agent characters introduced as part of the Season 2 Battle Pass.

The first two weeks of challenges revolved around special agent Brutus. TNTina took centre stage during Week 3 and Week 4, followed by Meowscles in Week 5 and Week 6.

Titled Skye’s Adventure, the Week 7 and 8 challenges reward players with either the Ghost or Shadow variation of the Skye skin.

To unlock either the Ghost or Shadow version of Skye, players must complete the Week 7 and Week 8 challenges to unlock the Classified  missions for the character.

Once you’ve picked a side and completed the associated mission, you’ll unlock that style for Skye. Players can only pick one style, so you’d better choose wisely. 

Before you even come close to unlocking the Ghost and Shadow skins for Skye, you’ll need to Search chests at Spy Bases, deal damage with SMGs or pistols, and escape a secret passage.

One of the more interesting challenges tasks players with visiting Skye’s Coastal Campsites.

Fortnite Shark, Rapid’s Rest, Gorgeous Gorge map locations for Week 7 Skye’s Adventure challenge

There are five coastal campsites in total, although you only need to visit three of them in order to complete the challenge.

They’re also spread pretty far apart, but thankfully you don’t have to finish the challenge in the same game.

As you can see from the map above, one of the coastal campsites can be found west of Sweaty Sands, while another is in the northern part of the map, above Pleasant Park.

A third coastal campsite can be found south-east of Steamy Stacks. Another is south-east of the snowy region of the map, while the fifth and final coastal campsite is south-west of Misty Meadows.

The remaining Week 7 Skye’s Adventure challenges can be seen below.

Fortnite Week 7 Skye’s Adventure Challenges in full…

• Search Chests at Spy Bases (7)

• Deal damage to players with SMGs or Pistols (400)

• Mark an Uncommon, Rare, and Epic item (1)

• Collect 75 of each material within 60 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus (3)

• Hide in a Creepin’ Cardboard at the Box Factory (1)

• Consume Foraged Items at Weeping Woods or The Orchard (10)

• Visit The Shark, Rapid’s Rest, and Gorgeous Gorge (1)

• Escape a Vault a Secret Passage (1)

• Visit Skye’s coastal campsites (3)

• Pull a player or Henchman with a Harpoon Gun (1)

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Resident Evil 3 Remake release date latest: Cheapest price REVEALED for Capcom sequel

Resident Evil 3 fans are counting down to the launch of the Capcom sequel on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

And fortunately there’s not long to wait, because Resident Evil 3 Remake has an April 3 release date.

The Resident Evil 3 Remake sees returning character Jill Valentine go toe-to-toe with the Nemesis monster.

“Jill Valentine is one of the last remaining people in Raccoon City to witness the atrocities Umbrella performed,” reads the Capcom game description.

“To stop her, Umbrella unleashes their ultimate secret weapon: Nemesis!”

In addition to the Resident Evil 3 campaign, customers can also access the Resistance multiplayer mode.

If you’re thinking of picking up a copy of Resident Evil 3 Remake for launch, Express Online has searched for the cheapest prices online.

From ShopTo and Amazon, to GAME, PSN and Xbox Live, check out the Resident Evil 3 Remake prices below.


Resident Evil 3 Remake on PS4 – £39.85

Resident Evil 3 Remake on Xbox One – £39.85


Resident Evil 3 Remake on PS4 – £49.99

Resident Evil 3 Remake on Xbox One – £49.99


Resident Evil 3 Remake on PS4 – £49.99

Resident Evil 3 Remake on Xbox One – £49.99


Resident Evil 3 Remake on PS4 – £49.99

Resident Evil 3 Remake on Xbox One – £49.99


Resident Evil 3 Remake on PS4 – £49.99


Resident Evil 3 Remake on Xbox One – £49.99

If you’re unsure whether or not to grab a copy of the Resident Evil 3 Remake, you can check out the free demo, or the Resident Evil Resistance beta.

Resident Evil Resistance is a brand new asymmetric online multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe.

The game pits four playable survivors against a sinister Mastermind – which is controlled by a different player.

The Mastermind is said to secretly kidnap young people for the purpose of gathering data.

“By forcing these youths into desperate situations, the Mastermind aims to gather valuable research data on how the subjects respond to fear,” Capcom explains.

“The Mastermind will not face the Survivors directly. Instead, they observe through the security cameras, setting traps to prevent their escape.”

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Elden Ring gameplay leak: Please From Software, just tell us the release date already

Elden Ring developer From Software is really making fans wait for new details about the upcoming open-world adventure.

With early reports suggesting Elden Ring would have a June 2020 release date, it’s extremely disappointing not to have heard anything about the From Software/George R. R. Martin collaboration since E3 2019.

Most of the information has come from industry insiders, including a new leak about the inhabitants of the world and how this may affect gameplay.

According to an interesting new Resetera thread posted by Omnipotent, Elden Ring’s lore and narrative is more grandiose than past From Software games.

“The scope of the world, lore and narrative is more grandiose than past games in pretty much every way to match the new, greater scope of the game it’s meant to inhabit, in addition to a tone that strays a bit further from convention into territory of being brighter than usual Fromsoft fare (though being a GRRM/From game it’ll have its dark moments),” the thread reads.

“From the concept of the Elden Ring down to the major players involved in this world, even down to things more ‘simple’ like the functions of magic and its place and purpose in this world as well as those who wield it being more fleshed out than usual, both in terms of their sub-narrative as well as organisations of their own.

“It’s immediately clear that a lot of time and effort was put into fully realising this world and everything in it, arguably to a degree unseen in past games.”

Indeed, according to Omnipotent, different schools of magic will have their own unique visual designs and narratives.

“Schools of Magic aren’t just about what sort of element you wield but which school matches the ideals you most closely adhere to and which organization you might feel more connected to,” the post continues.

“Things that will be explored through their visual design and in game narratives.”

Even more interesting is the idea that the Elden Ring is a “fundamental force” of the game world, and the shattering of the ring has some “exciting” and “fantastical effects on the world”.

Elden Ring is described as a “fantasy action-RPG adventure” set within a world created by Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin.

“Danger and discovery lurk around every corner in FromSoftware’s largest game to-date,” the description reads.

There’s no word on a release date, although the latest rumours suggest it will launch later this year. That’s based on a recent New Year’s message from the Dark Souls studio to fans.

As part of a New Year’s card featured on the From Software website, the developer listed Elden Ring for June 2020.

With Coronavirus fears curtailing public events, it’s unclear when we’ll find out more about From Software’s next major release, but one thing that is for sure is that it won’t be out in June.

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Steel Legion release date, 2v2 Showdown, UPDATE patch notes

Call of Duty Mobile fans are counting down to the start of Season 5 Steel Legion.

Call of Duty Mobile developer Activision has announced an April 1 release date for iOS and Android.

Needless to say, Steel Legion launches alongside a big game update. Patch notes will be revealed on April 1, so check back soon for the full list of gameplay tweaks and upgrades.

As Activision points out, a new season also coincides with the release of new Season Ranks and rewards.

This includes Epic rewards such as a brand new assault rifle, a new Killstreak and a new soldier.

“Progress through the ranks to reach Rank Master I in Multiplayer and Battle Royale to earn two Epic rewards – the Man-O-War assault rifle (Multiplayer Ranked Mode) and the soldier, Donnie “Ruin” Walsh, (Battle Royale Ranked Mode),” Activision explains.

There’s even a new 2-v-2 Showdown game mode, which is inspired by Gunfight in Modern Warfare.

“2v2 Showdown, a new game mode, where duos face-off in a round based brawl to the death,” reads the official description.

“Similar to Modern Warfare Gunfight, 2v2 Showdown dishes out randomised loadouts each round, players’ health does not regenerate, and you must eliminate the other team or capture the overtime flag to win.

“The first team to take five rounds wins the game. Squad up with your friend or just practice your quick draw with a variety of weapons in 2v2 Showdown.”

In the run up to the new season, fans can check out the Meltdown from Black Ops 2.

“Plus, a brand-new Battle Pass where players can get two new soldiers – David “Section” Mason, the son of Alex Mason and protagonist of Black Ops 2, and Reaper, an experimental war robot and Specialist who originated in Black Ops 3.

“Also in the Battle Pass, players can find the Steel Legion ‘Magmacomb’ camo weapons which bring a fiery and fierce element to any combat situation.”

It’s a big week for Call of Duty fans, especially after the surprise release of Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.

Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful Modern Warfare Remaster, the Call of Duty sequel has a March 31 release date.

According to a PlayStation Store leak, UK fans can expect to pay £24.99 for the game. Perhaps surprisingly, Modern Warfare 2 Remastered has a hefty 46GB file size.

“Relive the epic campaign of the 2009 Blockbusters Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, re-mastered for a new generation in HD,” reads the official description.

“The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign has been completely remastered with improved textures, animations, physical rendering, HDR lighting, and more.”

Sadly, it looks like the Modern Warfare 2 remaster will contain the campaign only, and not multiplayer.

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Popular Android and iOS game becomes FREE on Google Play Store and App Store

Android and iOS fans have been delivered a surprise treat with a popular game becoming free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With a quarter of the world’s population under some form of lockdown right now over the coronavirus there will be scores of people staying at home. And, if you’re stuck at home twiddling your thumbs right now then we have some good news for you.

If you have an Android or iOS smartphone then you can download a popular and critically acclaimed game entirely for free.

Monument Valley 2 – which typically costs around £5 – has become free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Monument Valley 2 is a gorgeous, and artistically striking puzzle game which is the sequel to the award-winning Monument Valley.

Here are more details on Monument Valley 2 taken from the iOS and Android game’s official blurb…


  • Android users must take care before downloading coronavirus apps


Guide a mother and her child as they embark on a journey through magical architecture, discovering illusionary pathways and delightful puzzles as you learn the secrets of the Sacred Geometry.

Sequel to the award-winning Monument Valley, Monument Valley 2 presents a brand new adventure set in a beautiful and impossible world.

Help Ro as she teaches her child about the mysteries of the valley, exploring stunning environments and manipulating architecture to guide them on their way.

Click here if you want to download Monument Valley 2 for iOS, while clicking here will direct you to the page Android users need.

Monument Valley 2 isn’t the only game that has become free-to-download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store recently.

Lara Croft GO can also right now be downloaded for free for iOS and Android smartphones.

Lara Croft GO, from Square Enix, typically costs £5.99.

Here is the full description of the Tomb Raider smartphone game…


Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world. Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, discover well-kept secrets and face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom.

• Experience lush visuals and a captivating soundtrack

• Navigate using simple swipe-to-move controls

• Fight menacing enemies, overcome dangerous obstacles and escape deadly traps

• Solve more than 115 puzzles split into 7 chapters

• Collect ancient relics and unlock new outfits for Lara

Square Enix Montreal brings yet another beloved franchise to mobile with this unique take on the iconic heroine’s adventures.

Head to this page to download Lara Croft GO on Android while visiting this link will take you to the iOS listing.

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Games with Gold April 2020: Xbox Live BOOST and free Xbox One games latest

Games with Gold April 2020 line-up announcement is set to drop soon, with fans waiting to hear from Major Nelson about the next free Xbox One games. We are fast approaching the end of the month which can mean only one thing – Xbox Live members will soon be getting a fresh batch of free Xbox One games. Last month Xbox Live subscribers were treated to a bumper Games with Gold line-up with some great free Xbox games.

The Games with Gold March 2020 line-up featured Batman The Enemy Within and Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero for the Xbox One.

While Xbox 360 fans received Sonic Generations and Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, with both titles playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

Castlevania was available until March 15 while Sonic and Batman are both departing Games with Gold after March 31.

Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero will stick around for awhile longer and will be free until April 15 for Xbox Live fans.


  • Xbox Series X NEW game reveal: Next-gen gameplay a welcome distraction

And ahead of the Games with Gold April 2020 reveal Xbox Live members have been dealt a boost.

At the time of writing digital retailer CDKeys are offering a big saving on the price of Xbox Live membership for those in Europe.

CDKeys has reduced the price of a year’s worth of EU Xbox Live access from £49.99 to £38.99 – a saving of 22 per cent.


Once you purchase the year’s worth of Xbox Live access from CDKeys you will receive a digital code that you can redeem immediately.

Here is how to redeem the code on the Microsoft Store…


  • Games with Gold April 2020 release update, free Xbox One rewards news

• Load the “Home” screen (make sure you’re signed in), and navigate right to “Store”

• In “Categories”, select “Games”.

• Choose the “Use a code” option.

• Select the option to “enter the 25 character code”, and enter the code you received in your confirmation email.

Ahead of the reveal of the Games with Gold April 2020 line-up predictions have been made about what titles could feature next.

In a post on Twitter ‘Xbox news guy’ @IdleSloth1984 revealed a mock-up of games that could feature in the next Games with Gold line-up.

And if this turns out to be the Games with Gold April 2020 line-up then Xbox Live fans would be in for a corker.

The picks were Anthem and Unruly Heroes for the Xbox One and Lost Planet 2 and Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning for the Xbox 360.

Alongside the picks for the next Games with Gold line-up Idle Sloth tweeted: “Would you be happy if these where #GamesWithGold for April?”

Responding to it one gamer posted: “Kingdom of Alamur is seriously underrated”.

And another wrote: “Anthem gets a swift pass but lost planet though.”

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Fortnite Week 6 Meowscles’ Mischief challenges: Dog house map locations REVEALED

Fortnite developer Epic Games has released the Meowscles’ Mischief challenges in Battle Royale.

Challenges have been given a big overhaul in Season 2. Tasks now revolve around different Agent characters introduced as part of the latest Battle Pass.

For example, the first two weeks of challenges revolved around special agent Brutus. TNTina took centre stage during Week 3 and Week 4, followed by Meowscles in Week 5 and Week 6.

Titled Meowscles’ Mischief, the latest wave of challenges reward players with either the Ghost or Shadow variation of the Meowscles skin.

To unlock either the Ghost or Shadow version of Meowscles, players must complete the weekly challenges to unlock the Classified Ghost and Shadow missions for the character.

Once you’ve picked a side and completed the associated mission, you’ll unlock that style for Meowscles. Players can only pick one style, so you’d better choose wisely. 

One of the Week 6 Meowscles’ Mischief challenges tasks players with destroying dog houses.

If you’re unsure where to look, check out the map below for dog house locations.

Fortunately, this week 6 Meowscles’ Mischief challenge is simple if you know where to look.

To complete the challenge, players must destroy three different dog homes.

While Dog Houses can be found in multiple points of interest, you can destroy all three in one match by visiting Holly Hedges.

As you can see from the map above, the dog homes are in the north and south parts of Holly Hedges. Of course, there’s a good chance other players will have gotten there first, so be patient.

The remaining Week 6 Meowscles’ Mischief challenges can be seen below.

Fortnite Week 6 Meowscles’ Mischief challenges…

• Search Chests at Frenzy Farm or Steamy Stacks (10)

• Deal damage to players using Assault Rifles (1,000)

• Search a chest within 10 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus (10)

• Deal damage to players while riding in a Choppa (200)

• Catch a weapon, a can, and a fish (1)

• Eliminate opponents at the Yacht or Salty Springs (5)

• Destroy dog houses (3)

• Block damage with a Decoy Grenade (100)

• Dance at Lake Canoe, Camp Cod, and Rainbow Rentals (1)

• Ride the Steamy Stacks, a Zipline, and use a Secret Passage in a single match (1)

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