System Shock 2 VR Will Have Co-Op, Cross-Play With PC

Nightdive Studios’ upcoming System Shock 2 VR port will feature full co-op multiplayer support, and can even be played with others running the game on PC. Studio CEO Stephen Kick confirmed as much in a recent interview with IGN, also reaffirming that the entire game was being ported to VR as part of a new […]

VR Is Doing Better Than You’d Think, Thanks To Oculus Quest

As a platform, virtual reality continues to make strides, even as the next generation of consoles stay at the forefront of most consumers’ minds. Oculus, in particular, has seen exceptional growth in a short amount of time, in large part due to the impact that the 2020 lockdown had on the gaming industry as a […]

Green Hell VR: How Open World Survival Is A Great Fit For VR

Green Hell is a popular open world wilderness survival game that’s getting a VR port for Quest and PC VR headsets later this year. We took some time to catch up with the developers behind the port and find out what makes the game such a great fit for VR. Scheduled to launch in […]

The Wave Shutters VR App: 'Artists Need Audiences To Thrive'

Early live VR music app Wave is shutting down its VR-only software on Steam and Oculus. The startup pivoted toward gaming and live-streaming a couple years ago but kept its original VR software, the Wave VR, running “just because the community in there has made such inspiring stuff,” according to a note posted on Friday […]

Flight Simulator VR Controller Support 'Being Worked On'

VR controller support for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is ‘being worked on’, Eurogamer reports in an interview article. Asobo Studio shipped support for VR headsets on December 22, but you’re limited to using a mouse + keyboard, gamepad, or flight stick. A stick is the ideal way to play of course, but it does make […]

Live VR event: Edward Saatchi talks about the future of virtual beings and the Metaverse

Artificial people are being developed and launched now by studios like Fable, AI Foundation, and Genvid. Enhanced by AI, able to create two-way relationships over time, these virtual people are at the heart of the conversations around the Metaverse. They’re leading to questions about how they’ll influence the next generation of the VR world, and […]

New Samsung VR Controllers Spotted In Patent

Almost a year ago to the day now we wrote about a new Samsung VR headset patent with a strange new design. This week, further filings reveal some equally weird controllers for the kit. Our friends at Let’s Go Digital first spotted these new images, which include new renders of the bizarre, bug-eyed headset itself. […]

Snow Drift Oculus Quest: VR Survival Game Still On

Snow Drift, one of Oculus Quest’s most mysterious games may see the light of day this year. We’ve only caught a fleeting glimpse of Snow Drift in the past two years. Developed by Pool Nation VR studio Perilous Orbit, small cuts of gameplay were shown in a Quest sizzle reel at Oculus Connect in 2019 […]

Hitman VR Gameplay Shows How Players Can Eliminate Targets Up Close And Personal

IO Interactive announced last August that Hitman 3, as well as the previous games in the World of Assassination trilogy, would be fully playable in PlayStation VR. A new gameplay trailer walks players through the various ways players can take out targets using their own hands, as well as demonstrating that the spirit of the […]