Red Dead Online: Everything You Need To Know About Steelhead Trout

Fishing and hunting are the sometimes overlooked staples of life in the Wild West. Sure, gunfights and train robberies are flashy and exciting, but sometimes a cowboy needs to sit back and relax by a nice body of water and cast his or her reel. Or, for all you completionists out there, fishing might just […]

Nioh 2 Nearly Featured Sexy Yokai Enemies

When looking at Nioh’s selection of enemies, “sexy” is not the first word that comes to mind, however, that certainly doesn’t mean that seductive creatures were always off the table when Team Ninja was designing all of the various monsters and Yokai for players to do battle against. And some of them may have been… […]

In Today’s ‘Don’t Vape Into Your Xbox’ News, Sony Says You Can’t Marry A PS5

Yesterday, news of people hiding marriage proposals in recently purchased PS5s started making headlines, including around these parts. It’s not exactly the same as going down on one knee while visiting the Grand Canyon or anything, but since we’re all in lockdown, there’s not a whole lot of traveling going on these days. Swapping your […]

Destiny 2’s Next Season Has You Track Down Hive With The Help Of Uldren Sov

Bungie’s latest video documentary, Forged in Storm, details not just the development of Beyond Light but also goes into the future of Destiny 2. Some of that future arrives pretty quickly, as November 10 will bring a brand new season whether you’re a Guardian who’s purchased Beyond Light or not. Season 12 will be called […]

9 Sex Toys That Can Enhance Your Masturbation Satisfaction by Many Folds

Gone are the days when masturbation was considered as a taboo activity, which only those who couldn’t find a partner would practice. Today, both men and women understand that masturbation is a natural behavior. Besides, it doesn’t cause any harm if done in moderation and is great fun. If you have been masturbating all by […]

How a Chiropractor Can Help You Fix Postures?

A chiropractor is a trained health professional whose job is to make sure that your body is functioning as appropriately and efficiently as possible by using manual chiropractic adjustments and manipulation of the spine. Chiropractic is an alternative medicine that concerns the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, especially the spine. The majority of chiropractors […]

Secret new PS5 feature lets you create ‘deep link’ to specific parts of a game

The PS5 will allow you to access individual missions and races from your dashboard, without having to open the whole game. It’s almost August now and the amount of information released about the next gen console is still frustratingly minimal, so it’s no surprise to find out that the PlayStation 5 still has secret features […]

7 Essential Safety Gear for Your Next DIY Project

The abbreviation DIY stands for do it yourself. This acronym appeared back in the 1950s. It meant that everyone has the opportunity to repair or even collect things on their own, without resorting to the services of specialists. Specialized magazines appeared that talk about how to fix a TV or porch with your own hands. […]

Escape From Tarkov will let you dress up like Boba Fett

On Thursday the team behind Escape From Tarkov began teasing some new equipment. The first-person shooter will soon be adding a new helmet that looks heavily inspired by Disney’s The Mandalorian. No word on when it will be available. The first images of the unnamed body armor showed up on both Instagram and Facebook with […]