Wannabe YouTubers could find the tech they need in the AVerMedia PW315 Webcam

Wannabe YouTubers would do far worse than strapping this super webcam to their computers as they battle for subscribers online. The growing trend to watch video game streaming has become a truly global phenomenon in recent years. And there’s a huge army of players now live streaming their video gaming sessions on all kinds of […]

Pewdiepie Returns To YouTube With A Face Reveal

YouTube’s biggest single content creator Felix Kjellberg, better known as Pewdiepie, has returned from a brief three-week break that he took during the first of the year. During his return episode, we learned that Pewdiepie—after a decade of being on YouTube—was finally going to give us a face reveal…in reverse. Over the last ten years, we’ve […]

YouTube Star Valkyrae Partners With sweetgreen for Healthy Menu Item

American YouTuber and gaming personality Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has partnered with sweetgreen, the American restaurant chain known for creating and serving a multitude of different styles of healthy salads. She will now be the influencer behind the “Crispy Collections” menu that features “all the crunch and none of the fry.” Starting on Jan. 14, viewers […]

Content Creator in der Drama-Falle – Guter Content lohnt sich nicht mehr

Tägliche Uploads, Reaktions-Videos, Clickbait und Drama waren noch nie stärker vertreten als heute. Warum sich guter Content einfach nicht mehr lohnt. Ein Kommentar von Kai Liebe. Man sieht es eigentlich überall. Egal ob auf YouTube, Facebook oder anderen Videoportalen – die Qualität der Uploads leidet stark. Doch warum ist das so? Quantität vor Qualität Mittlerweile […]

YouTube Pushes Two New Features Designed To Address Toxic Commenters

YouTube is testing out two new features that it hopes will reduce the number of toxic comments posted in reply to videos. Considering it didn’t even exist 20 years ago, the hold social media has over many of our lives is pretty incredible. There’s a very real chance that social media led you to this […]

YouTube Stories on iOS gains AI-powered speech enhancement

Google today launched Looking-to-Listen, a new audiovisual speech enhancement feature in YouTube Stories captured with iOS devices. Leveraging AI and machine learning, it allows creators to take better selfie videos by automatically boosting their voices and reducing background noise, the company says. While smartphone video quality continues to improve with every generation, audio quality remains […]

You can watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch, but there’s a catch

Nintendo fans have been waiting for more media entertainment to be added to the Switch since it released in March 2017. Currently the only apps which are officially available are YouTube and Hulu. But we have some exciting news – you can now access Netflix on Nintendo Switch – but there’s a catch. Modders at […]

Ninja Is Streaming On YouTube After Mixer's Shutdown

Popular video gamer and prominent Fortnite livestreamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is reportedly in talks with multiple livestreaming services, including YouTube. He has not yet signed a new exclusive deal since Mixer–his previous home–was shut down by Microsoft. But Ninja streamed Fortnite today on YouTube with a group of other streamers–TimTheTatMan, DrLupo, and Courage–attracting more than […]

YouTube Is Demonitzing Videos That Mention Coronavirus (But Not For All Channels)

As everyone around the world continues to stay indoors due various levels of quarantine, many YouTube content creators are making more videos. Since we’re in the midst of an unprecedented event that affects every nation, it’s natural that these creators will want to mention and acknowledge what’s going on. However, YouTubers have quickly discovered that […]