HTC CEO Yves Maitre Steps Down After Less Than One Year – Road to VR

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With less than one year at the company’s helm, HTC announced that Yves Maitre is stepping down as the company’s President and CEO.

Maitre took over as CEO just shy one year ago in late September 2019. According to Engadget, the French former executive is stepping down due to “personal reasons.”

Cher Wang, who took over as CEO in March 2015 and then later stepped down to make way for Maitre, is said to return to the position of CEO from her previous position as Chairwoman of the board.

A statement obtained by Engadget maintains that the move is in part due to “the strict international travel restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.” Maitre is said to have spent most the last 11 months away from his family back in France.

At the time of his appointment, Maitre, a former exec at French telecom Orange, said he would continue to grow the future of both 5G and XR as the company’s leader.

Under his leadership, HTC shipped the Vive Cosmos PC VR headset, which starts at $700 for the inside-out tracked headset + controller combo, and the Vive Cosmos Elite variant, which includes a modular faceplate for inclusion of SteamVR tracking. The company also unveiled a few next-gen prototypes featuring more compact optics, which could bring a decidedly more ‘glasses-style’ format to the company’s VR offerings.

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