Murder By Numbers review – the Picross killer

A mash-up between Phoenix Wright and Picross nonograms is the unlikely concept behind this new indie murder mystery. We’ve always loved picross. Also known as nonograms, they’re a common subject for video games and there’s always been a lot of them on portable consoles and smartphones. They’re not usually the sort of thing we can […]

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale is free-to-play and has cross-play

Ahead of the official reveal of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Warzone battle royale mode, even more details have emerged. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s upcoming battle royale mode, titled Warzone, is a pretty poorly kept secret. Not only was it leaked as far back as last year, a video showing some very genuine-looking footage […]

Streamer Finds Japanese Men Wearing Panties On Their Face To Protect From Coronavirus

A Twitch streamer found a group of young Japanese men wearing panties on their faces to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Well, this is new. We’ve always known that Japan has a sometimes unhealthy obsession with women’s undergarments, but this is taking things to a new extreme. A Twitch streamer abroad in Japan has found […]

I Am Fish is the piscine followup to I Am Bread

Bossa Studios announced today that I Am Fish is its next project. The I Am Bread sequel will release in 2021 for unspecified platforms. I Am Bread is an interesting game that came out in 2015. As the name implies, it has you controlling a slice of bread. I Am Bread sold close to 2 […]

Nintendo PlayStation auction winner is setting up a video game museum

The new owner of the world’s rarest and most expensive console will be putting it on public display next year. It might not have gone for the millions some were predicting, but the Nintendo PlayStation prototype console is still the most expensive video game item ever sold and the rarest ever console. It sold on […]

Tim Sweeney Announces Support For GeForce Now As Other Games Leave The Service

Nvidia’s new streaming service, GeForce Now, has been having a bit of trouble lately. Many companies have decided to pull their games from the service — including popular titles such as Borderlands 3, Call of Duty, and Diablo 3 — and its also been reported that Nvidia was allowing access to certain games without permission […]

Bleeding Edge Gives The DmC: Devil May Cry Team A Second Chance

In 2013, franchise reboot DmC: Devil May Cry, which should have been a marquee title for development studio Ninja Theory, was released to positive critical reviews and a mixed-to-positive fan reception. Despite its relative success with the press and public, however, the total number of copies of the game sold failed to meet publisher Capcom’s expectations. But that […]