Half-Life: Alyx Steam Achievements Guide

Half-Life: Alyx has 41 achievements you can get just by reaching certain key points in the game, completing routine tasks, or by pulling off something special. There are even a couple secret ones that are harder to get, including a few we don’t quite know the solution for yet. Here we’ll break down all 41 […]

Half-Life: Alyx Weapon Upgrade Guide – How To Use The Combine Fabricator

Half-Life: Alyx doesn’t have a lot of weapons to choose from, but it does have the essentials: a pistol, shotgun, and SMG. Between these three, some grenades, and Alyx’s handy gravity gloves, you’ll be perfectly suited to take on enemies, Combine and Xen alike. For the first time in the Half-Life series, you’ll also be […]

Half-Life: Alyx Dev Is Hopeful That The Next Game Won't Take 13 Years

There’s a surreal element to the release of Half-Life: Alyx, as the long-dormant franchise had turned into a meme as the wait for a new game following Half-Life 2: Episode 2 stretched further and further. Now that the new game has finally released, one developer at Valve has spoken about the gap between releases, and […]

DBZ: Kakarot's First DLC Introduces Beerus And The Super Saiyan God Form

Bandai Namco has unveiled that the first piece of DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, A New Power Awakens – Part 1, will continue Goku’s story with the events depicted in Dragon Ball Super. The DLC is included in the Ultimate Edition but can be purchased separately. The DLC will involve Goku preparing to face […]

World of Warcraft offers double XP to stay inside during coronavirus

For the next month, everyone playing World of Warcraft gains XP at double the rate. The 100% XP buff (called the “Winds of Wisdom”) runs until April 20, and is available to all players, whether they’re free-to-play Starter Edition subscribers or Legion Edition players. Blizzard Entertainment is billing it as a perk for MMO fans […]

These fast MSI Radeon RX 5700-series graphics cards are absurdly cheap

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your gaming rig to a 1440p powerhouse, today’s the day. B&H Photo Video is selling the MSI Radeon RX 5700 Mech for $300Remove non-product link after a $20 rebate—that’s $50 off the sticker price. If you have a little more cash to burn, Newegg is selling the MSI Radeon RX […]

Xbox Game Pass March games: NBA 2K20, Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The latest round of Xbox Game Pass games is almost here. The March collection includes NBA 2K20 as well as Ori and the Will of the Wisps which players will get the day it comes out. The month’s free games will start on March 5, when Game Pass subscribers get access to NBA 2K20 and […]