Resident Evil 3: How Long Does It Take To Beat?

Resident Evil 3 Remake is out this week, offering another dose of zombie survival-horror in the style of last year’s Resident Evil 2 Remake. This time the focus turns to Nemesis, the ever-present danger who defined the original. But how long can you expect to be on the run from this looming threat?

A standard critical path run through RE3 will take you about six hours, while taking your time to gather all the collectibles will last roughly 11-plus hours. That means getting all of the weapon upgrades and secrets, opening all of the locks, and finding all of the bobbleheads.

Resident Evil 3 is coming alongside Resident Evil Resistance, a standalone multiplayer mode that pits four survivors against one mastermind controlling the output of zombie hordes. A final open beta for Resistance was planned recently, but the PC and PS4 versions ran into technical problems and had to be postponed.

If you’re planning to check out Resident Evil 3, read our story recap for everything you might need to remember before venturing into the world of survival-horror. Plus make sure your rig is up to the task by checking out the PC system requirements.

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