This Action-Platformer Is Free On PC For A Limited Time

It’s a great day to claim some free games on PC. Not only is Serious Sam: The First Encounter free to own at GOG for the next two days, but you can also claim action-platformer Slain: Back From Hell at no cost. To get Slain, all you have to do is sign up for developer Akupara Games’ mailing list, and you’ll receive an email containing a link to download a DRM-free PC version of the game from GOG. The free keys are distributed every day at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET because of so many people redeeming the offer, but you’ll receive a confirmation email right after you verify your email address. The key expires in two weeks, so don’t wait to redeem it.

Slain is a heavy metal-themed action-platformer with gory combat, puzzles, and retro 16-bit visuals. The game first released in early 2016 to largely negative reviews, including a 5/10 in GameSpot’s Slain review. The negative reception led developers to fix various gameplay issues and re-release the game as Slain: Back From Hell in August 2016. The Back From Hell update was better received and currently has a “Mostly Positive” rating on Steam with over 1,000 reviews. In any case, it’s worth grabbing Slain: Back From Hell while it’s free and checking it out.

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