Pokémon GO Might Be Getting A Paid Subscription Service

Dataminers on Reddit have discovered some interesting information about upcoming updates to Pokémon GO. The datamine revealed information regarding Mega Evolutions and more conspicuously, the news that a subscription service may soon be coming to the game’s store.

Fans have been expecting Mega Evolutions ever since they were announced a little over a month ago during the Pokémon Presents event. However, what wasn’t expected was the news that Pokémon GO may be getting a subscription service added to the store.

The dataminers mainly dug up details about Mega Evolutions, and how they work. One key piece of information is that Megas are going to have their own raid level. Typically, raids are sorted into five difficulty levels (Level 1- Level 5), however Mega Evolutions are going to be an exception, having their own distinct difficulty level.

Also, the dataminers believe that Mega Energy will be called Candy (as it shares the backend with regular candy), and that it will be specific to each Pokémon. The mine also revealed that there will be a line of quests specifically for Megas and that the entire Mega Evolution feature was being implemented before they added stickers or remote raiding.

The addition of Mega Evolutions to Pokémon GO is old news. What really stood out to fans of the game was the tidbit that a category for a subscription has been added to the game’s store.

As of now, there is no information regarding what the subscription will be for. Subscription models tend to be more profitable for developers. It is possible that Niantic will be shifting away from the premium boxes that are offered in the store, and moving toward a monthly subscription service that offers similar items each month.

However, fans are concerned that the service will be more than just that, and that it will put more of the game’s features behind a paywall. Other fans are speculating that ads are going to be put into the game, and the only way to get rid of them will be with the paid service. Either way, a premium subscription service added to Pokémon GO will upset at least a few players of the AR game.

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